Yosemite Valley

Sunday was my last morning in Yosemite (insert face of extreme sadness), so I decided to treat myself (since a mini-vacation isn’t treat enough) to breakfast at the Ahwahnee Hotel (Majestic Yosemite officially, but whatever). I will likely never have an extra $400-$600 a night to stay there, so I will peasant sneak my way in with breakfast reservations. I said goodbye to my little cabin in the woods:

And headed to breakfast:

I was there at eight, so it was still pretty quiet and uncrowded which was lovely. They sat me right by a window and I enjoyed chatting with the two servers in my area for most of the meal. People always have the neatest stories of how they ended up working in National Parks. Maybe that will be me one day. I enjoyed some delicious $15 pancakes which would give my dad a full-blown seizure to know (which is why our family never eat a meal there). Ambiance ain’t cheap.

I spent about 30 minutes walking around the hotel exploring before heading out for the day. When I left, there was almost no one out and about, so it was easy to stop and take a billion photos on a whim. I was initially bummed at how cloudy it was, but it turned out to be a totally gorgeous morning for pictures.

And I drove up to Tunnel View for one last look because I was having a hard time motivating myself to leave.

I decided to extend my trip slightly by stopping at the Hetch Hetchy reservoir. I have never been in that area as the road has typically been closed due to snow when I have visited Yosemite in the past. I also always had a sour taste in my mouth over it because I had a high school coach who was OBSESSED with hating it. He was a running coach, so he often ran with us and talked incessantly about how angry it made him all the time and how they had destroyed a national treasure by flooding the valley. Then, of course, there were the indigenous people who were either killed or run out of the area after thousands of years of habitation and careful cultivation of the valley grasses and meadows. So, I was interested to see this place that had sparked such ire.


Image result for hetch hetchy reservoir


Image result for hetch hetchy reservoir valley

It’s still a beautiful area, but what a loss.

I drove back to Sacramento after eating lunch at the dam, and got back to reality on Monday (against my own wishes). All I want is to be a full-time lady of leisure in the mountains. Is that too much to ask??

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