On Saturday, we drove to Bozeman to drop Sari off at the airport since she had to be back in Sacramento for work. After kicking her out, I picked up my car which I had left at the airport, and we drove to Yellowstone. We entered at Gardner, then drove down to the Madison Campground. My parents were spending one night before driving back to Texas, so we enjoyed our last evening together.

I woke up early on Sunday to see my parents off and to get my day started. I find that I can knock a ton out if I can get a few hours of sightseeing in before 9 am. I started at Old Faithful.

DSC 0532

I frequently hear people say “That’s it?” with Old Faithful, but this thing has been erupting almost hourly for as long as we have been recording it, and that is wild! I then popped up to the Midway Geyser Basin which was already getting crowded before 7 am.

DSC 0528 1

DSC 0550DSC 0547DSC 0536

I next drove east on the Grand Loop toward Lake Yellowstone with also features some geysers and pools along its shores.

DSC 0566 1DSC 0561DSC 0552

As I drove around the lake, I encountered my first bison hanging out on the side of road.

IMG 2985

And then I found this guy chilling by himself near a geyser. It just seems so moody.

DSC 0576 1

I rounded the corner into the Hayden Valley and it was buffalo galore!

DSC 0588 1DSC 0582 1

I was worried I would not be able to find parking at all around the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone since it was approaching noon, but I easily found spots in each lookout point. So, that was surprising.

DSC 0603
DSC 0596 1

My last sightseeing stop of the day was at Mammoth Springs, but it was almost 90 degrees and I was BOILING, so I did not stick around too long.

IMG 3112IMG 3097

After walking around Mammoth I needed a shower. My campsite did not have them, so I drove down to the Old Faithful Inn to use the public showers. I was HIGHLY skeptical that I would be allowed to use the showers in a nice hotel, but I paid at the front desk and went on up. The rooms have shared bathroom facilities, and I was allowed to use those. They were super nice and even had products in the shower to use. After my shower, I spent a couple of hours hanging out in the Inn people watching and enjoying the beauty of the hotel.

IMG 3138

I got back to my campsite just in time to enjoy an hour of reading in my hammock before the sun went down. It was a busy but fantastic day.

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