WTF Wednesday

Let’s start with something positive – the first official photos of Meghan and Harry TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Gah, she’s so gorgeous and has that effortless “casual, yet super stylish” look about her. HOW DO YOU GET THAT LOOK? I can’t wait for this wedding!


A naval hospital ship is finally setting sail for Puerto Rico, but WHAT IS THE HOLD UP WITH GETTING THESE FOLKS SOME FEDERAL ASSISTANCE!??!

I hope that if you have family and friends there that they are in a safe place with ample food and water. If you know of reliable organizations to donate to, please leave a comment!

Also, leave it to Cheeto to blame Puerto Rico’s finances for the hurricane. Pretty rich coming from a man who owes God only knows how much to other countries in bank loans. 

He really can’t get anything right. 

I have so many very strong feelings about this kneeling business and they can mostly be summed up with “WELCOME TO AMERICA.” Over the past few days about 90% of my Facebook friends went into TOTAL and COMPLETE meltdown over the NFL. You would have thought that someone had come into their home and stabbed them in their True Patriot heart.

Image result for i'm offended gifWhile I certainly wish that no one ever felt the need to kneel or turn their back on our flag, I certainly respect their right to do so. Donald’s comments are an assault on democracy. The fact that people somehow believe that an athlete making millions of dollars negates the right to express his or her grievances is vile. They don’t owe you anything. They aren’t entitled or ungrateful because they are expressing solidarity for racial justice in this country. Perhaps if we spent more time listening to why they feel the need to kneel instead of automatically criticizing them, then we could actually confront the problems they are trying to bring attention to. Also, Jerry Jones kneeled in front of all of America with the Cowboys and my entire hometown keeled over in horror. WHAT IS HAPPENING.

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I honestly don’t care what people do during the anthem, but I will fight with you all day if you dare to imply that you get to decide what that is. Also, the NFL got paid millions for patriotic displays, so bite me. Trevor Noah has an excellent segment on the heart of the matter – when is it okay for Black people to protest?

Hillary Clinton is coming to Davis (20 minutes away) on her book tour. As soon as we found out, Heather and I responsibly registered on the website to gain access to the presale code. Shortly after, we received this confirmation email:

On September 6, we woke up extra early in case we received the email and needed to buy tickets ASAP. Nothing came. We waited. Then nothing came for the entire day. I changed my phone settings so that if an email came to that account (I have four accounts on my phone), then it would make a noise no matter what. I was ready. I wanted to see Hillary. So, I waited.

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Finally, last week we learned that the presale tickets had gone on sale days before and had sold out immediately. Neither Heather nor I received an email. We were outraged. Hillary, why must emails always be such a struggle???

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