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When I got to work on Monday my boss said, “I have something to show you that is REALLY going to piss you off.” Raymund Paredes, the Commission of Higher Education in Texas, said, “We’ve been told by some presidents that we’re getting to the point where males feel uncomfortable on college campuses, on some college campuses” because there are TOO MANY WOMEN.

If you actually want to worry about people feeling uncomfortable, then maybe go chat with those students who have been historically underrepresented in higher education for all of time. I bet the 3.7% of Black students at Texas A&M or the 5% at Texas Tech aren’t always made to feel particularly comfortable. I don’t want students left behind or left out of education, but invariably as more groups gain access to education, then the historically dominant one will decrease. I’m not sad about any of that. You’re going to have to try harder, work harder, and persevere just like everyone else has had to do for centuries. EARN IT.

As you can imagine, I was completely overflowing with joy on Monday at the news of Meghan and Harry. I knew that one of the ladies I work with would also be excited, so I sought her out before a meeting so that we could jump up and down together while shrieking with glee. After calmly chatting about it (instead of actually screaming our heads off with joy), I went back to my seat. The man next to me told me that he was surprised to see that I would be into “something as frivolous as a royal wedding.”

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Knowing that he’s huge fan of a specific sport, I asked him if he ever gets excited watching games. He said of course, and I responded that I was surprised that he would be so into “something as frivolous as grown men in tights wrestling for a ball.” We all have a right to like what we like, and enjoying royal weddings is no more silly or frivolous than enjoying sports.

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I don’t care if Nazis have cats, worry about their wedding getting ruined, or what they watch on TV. DO NOT CARE. If you write an article in which you are making white supremacists sound sympathetic, then you are a Nazi sympathizer. They don’t deserve understanding, acceptance, or tolerance. THE END.

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Never forget when the NYT stated in 1922 that Hitler’s “anti-Semitism was not so genuine or violent as it sounded…” I will defend the freedom and importance of the press in a democracy to my dying day, but quit giving a platform to these hateful people.

The story about the woman posing as a rape survivor to try and discredit women who are actual survivors of sexual assault is a new level of terrible. WTF??? You are the actual worst people.

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Also, Trump donated to the group that organized this entire thing, Project Veritas. OF COURSE HE DID.

Finally, I got rear-ended AGAIN last week. Thankfully, no one was hurt and the damage is pretty minor (just need a new bumber and a repair to the muffler), but good grief. One of our football players slid into me in the rain, but he and his parents were super nice (and truthful), so that was a pleasant change. Also, we have the same insurance which has made the whole thing way easier (and he had actual full coverage). I can still drive my Jeep and it should be fixed next week, so hooray for something actually working the way it’s supposed to.

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