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There is so much f*ckery happening right now!!! How does one keep up with all the rage!?!?

Sari and I watched the two-part documentary I Love You, Now Die on HBO this week and WHOA. I already thought it was unbelievable that Michelle Carter was being tried for Conrad Roy’s death by suicide, but it’s even more messed up than I originally thought. Is Michelle a liar? Probably. Does she live in a fantasy world? Most definitely. Was she lonely and desperate for attention? Yep. Is what she allegedly said to him okay? Nope. She was 17 and struggled with her own serious mental health issues. I don’t think that judge had ever met a teen!

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Also, I feel awful for Conrad’s family, but he had been struggling with suicidal attempts and ideation for years. Did his involvement with Michelle help that? Probably not, but that doesn’t mean she’s responsible. Also, I have read a lot of texts and he never seems to ask about her or care about her life at ALL. It is all about him and what he’s dealing with, and he is really going through it, but I felt like he was using her for attention and emotional support.

It is just so damn sad that two very young people were struggling so much, but Conrad took his own life. All by himself. Yes, she allegedly told him to get back in the truck where he subsequently died, but the only evidence of that is her text to someone else months later and she is a KNOWN LIAR who makes shit up for attention. I just do not understand how she can be found legally responsible for his death because she has such power and influence over him (which seems like BS because in reading their texts it was all about him emotionally jerking her around and acting as if he had died to see how she would react which is SO MESSED UP).

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In conclusion, I am not saying she’s a good person or that what she did was okay, but the fact that she has been held legally responsible for his death is WRONG.

What is happening to higher education in Alaska is devastating and disastrous. I cannot believe how okay this country is with cutting funds to education. No, let’s not properly tax people with BILLIONS AND BILLIONS of dollars, instead, let’s screw over the people who are already largely underpaid who are trying to EDUCATE FUTURE GENERATIONS WHICH BENEFITS US ALL.

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One of the ongoing arguments that has baffled me most about the migrant detention center disaster (you know, besides the fact that we are treating humans worse than our garbage) is that many of my conservative friends continue to advocate for “spending money on Americans because we have a lot of homeless and poor.” And they are damn right, we have a TON of people struggling in this country who need help. Yet, despite their alleged concern for those living in poverty, they continue to vote for people who run on the platform of decreasing or completely ending the support systems for people who are struggling. SO WHICH IS IT. Just say that you don’t get a shit about anyone or anything except for you and your taxes, and be done with it.

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