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Last weekend in Yosemite, I picked up a hitchhiker.

I saw a woman by the side of the road who was running with a backpack and crying while waving her arms. I’m not always great with recognizing emotions, but it seemed to be a pretty dire situation. Once I slowed down, I realized that I had actually talked to the woman that morning when we were both walking from Half Dome Village to the start of the trail for the falls. I knew she was from another country and being in a bad situation abroad SUCKS. As it turned out, she was supposed to be taking the YARTS back to her hotel in El Portal at 4 pm, but the shuttle randomly didn’t show to take her to the bus stop, so she started running. When I picked her up it was 3:55 pm.

I picked her up and took her to the bus stop just in time for her to run on the bus as the last passenger. I have NEVER picked someone up and I know there is a false sense of security in picking up another woman, but I couldn’t leave her there. Also, what if a creep picked her up! I hate that it’s so scary to help people out these days. In conclusion, I stayed sexy (not really) and I didn’t get murdered! And she stayed sexy and made it on her bus without being murdered!

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OMG. Charlie Rose. WTF. “I always felt that I was pursuing shared feelings, even though I now realize I was mistaken.” Um. In general, don’t walk around naked in front of people from work. Just ever. And maybe, just maybe, if you want to get naked in front of someone or with someone, it never hurts to just ask. When in doubt, keep your clothes on, your private parts private, and your hands to yourself.

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I am also deeply frustrated, angry, and sad at a comment I am hearing more and more as more allegations come forward. Something a long the line of “Well, I guess all men of  a certain age are in trouble now!” Followed by an eye roll or dismissive comment. Hey, guess what, there definitely men of a certain age who came of age in a time where they thought that grabbing, groping, harassing, raping, assaulting, or exposing themselves to women was totally okay. But, there are a lot of men of that same certain age who grew up in the same society and didn’t engage in those behaviors because they are WRONG and GROSS.

You don’t get a pass just because you wielded power over women by harassing or assaulting them for decades because you could. Nope. Plenty of these accusations have been against men who are around my own age. Men who truly have no excuse for believing these behaviors are okay. They did it because they could, and I have zero pity for them now. This isn’t brand new information or an expectation that has come out of nowhere.

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On the same topic, this weekend was like the weekend of ladies saying the really really wrong thing. I get frustrated with Lena Dunham a lot because I think she says a lot of things to stir up attention and controversy (then is SHOCKED that people were upset with her), but she has proven herself again to officially be the worst. It isn’t about you, it isn’t about the person you think didn’t do anything, and it isn’t about what you think about that person. It’s about the person who was hurt. Maybe it’s time you pump the privileged breaks, lady.

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Hipster racism is the perfect description of this BS, and former Lenny Letter writer, Zinzi Clemmons has an eloquent response to it. Never forget her absolute assholery about Odelle Beckham Jr. Lena sure knows how to piss away opportunity, but don’t worry, she won’t suffer long term for it. Also, this take from Kathleen at Lainey Gossip is solid gold: “What could have possibly been going through Lena Dunham’s performative white feminist marshmallow mush brain that she thought this statement was a good idea?” I’m keeping that insult in the vault for future use.

Gymnast Gabby Douglas stepped in on Friday as well. I give Gabby a bigger pass because she is only 21 (Lena is 31). I said all kinds of backward stupid awful crap when I was that age and it took me years of people patiently teaching me about the error of my ways (and I am still learning) to undue a lot of the harmful beliefs that I had.

I was confused by the response because most of the time wouldn’t they be wearing their leotards? I know that some of them have done photo shoots in skimpy swimsuits, but so what? It’s their body and if they want to show it off, then more power to them. If you don’t want to wear a bikini in a magazine, then don’t. If I had muscles like that I would be showing EVERYBODY all of the time (except at work, of course). Look at my quads, y’all!!Image result for gabby douglas team usa

Anyway, I really hope she learns from this and is more supportive of her teammates in the future. We are so vulnerable and exposed when we are seeking medical treatment, and I can’t fathom how the fact that their medical professional was a disgusting creep can be seen as anyone’s fault but his own. I still believe in you, Gabby.

And, then there were the women who signed the SNL letter this week in support of Senator Al Franken. Plenty of us have worked with people who we thought were totally great and who turned out to be creeps to someone else (I have at least). And it SUCKS, it’s disappointing, and it’s hard not to automatically defend the person you happen to really like. BUT, just because it didn’t happen to me, doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen to someone else. And that is the person whose voice matters right now.

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Also, sexual harassment claims are blowing up at our state capitol. One Assemblymember will resign and we (at my University) are investigating claims made in one of our own internship programs. And the allegations are growing by the day. FINALLY.

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