WTF Wednesday

My boss had knee surgery last week, so he has been bossing from his couch at home. He called me from the couch yesterday morning and said, “They’ve arrested a man in Atlanta who they linked to several sexual assaults in this area through familial DNA on a genealogy website.” I gave hearty “HELL YES” because who does not like hearing that a rapist got caught? He responded with, “Hold your joy. He worked here during that period.”

I quickly pulled a group together to dig into it and prepare for media inquiries. After, I was discussing the situation in the hall (where all highly important and confidential matters are publicly pondered) when a man from another office joined our conversation. He said that he was HIGHLY CONCERNED about this method of identifying people and that he was very concerned about privacy.

Being concerned about privacy is completely valid in this day and age, but when pressed, he stated that DNA in genealogy databases should not EVER be used to solve crimes. He then went down the rabbit hole of false accusations and how dangerous they are (far more damaging than rape apparently). I asked him how he would feel if this man had raped him or someone he loved and he said, “I wouldn’t let that happen.”

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He also said that police need to find “better ways” to solve crime. WHAT BETTER WAY THAN DNA??? I would just like to live one day with the feeling of absolute security and safety that most men have.

I have read so many articles about Marshae Jones and I still cannot comprehend how this happened. Marshae was 28 and five months pregnant in December when she was shot in the stomach by another woman during a fight. The shooting caused her to lose the pregnancy. Instead of the shooter getting indicted for shooting a pregnant woman in the stomach, Marshae has been charged with manslaughter because the grand jury found that she should be held criminally liable for starting the fight. And Alabama is not the only state that does this. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND.

Image: Marshae Jones

Just when I do not think I can loathe Putin’s Cheeto any more than I already do, he goes and diverts millions from the National Park Service to fund his lame ass self-indulgent celebration of fascism. On top of that, the NPS is looking at cuts to the tune of 14% in 2020!! We have money for this stupid vanity parade for a draft dodger, but not to protect some of the the most beautiful and sacred lands in our country! I am so angry I could scream. Tens of millions of dollars couldn’t be used to actually take care of our veterans and their families?? How many people have to work tomorrow because of this dumb shit??

Why are Republicans who hate taxes and don’t want the government spending money on ANYTHING not losing their damn minds? Oh wait, maybe it’s because the taxes aren’t being spent to help people of color or those living in poverty?

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