WTF Wednesday

I was recently sent an email at around 10 pm on a weeknight in which a person read me the riot act for failing to do something. They also copied numerous other people on the email. Naturally, I was horrified because I could have sworn I had done they step they had accused me of not doing. I sent an apology and asked if we could talk the next morning to determine where things had gone awry. Several other people sent a response to me that was basically this:

I spent the entire night worrying and feeling so sick I could not sleep. I miserably made my way into work and went to that person’s office first thing to talk to them. When I arrived, I began by apologizing for the fact that there was clearly some sort of disconnect between what I had done and what they expected me to do. The person looked at me and said, “What’s wrong? You seem upset.”

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I reminded the person of the HEATED email they had sent the previous night, and the person responded with, “Oh, I already forgot. Don’t worry about it. Everything is actually fine.”

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I got roasted on an email in front of 15 other colleagues for something that was not even a problem. I asked if an email could be sent explaining that and apologizing for sending such a RUDE ASS email and the person told me not to be so sensitive. I take a lot of pride in my work and what people think of the quality of my works is deeply important to me. Ugh I hate email.

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