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I have this terrible habit of looking too far ahead of me and not seeing what is right in front of my face. I hit my head on a lot of counters and cabinets, and I trip over things constantly because of this. It also happens when I drive. I have almost missed so many red lights because I am looking at the next light down the street. There are so many times when I am SHOCKED to smack my face on a corner, trip down a stair, or almost miss a light because of this issue.

A couple of weeks ago (May 13), I was toodling to work around 7 am and listening to the Bald Move podcast episode about Dany’s King’s Landing BBQ. Suddenly, out of nowhere, there was a loud crash as my car came to an abrupt stop.

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I REAR-ENDED SOMEONE. I have been rear-ended four times in Sacramento since 2017, and now I am a perpetrator! Thankfully, no one was hurt, but there are several thousands of dollars in damage on both cars. And, to make matters worse, I did it right by campus and hit a student. During finals week!!! I could not be a more horrible person. We pulled over into a parking lot and I was a mess. I felt awful and kept apologizing and asking if she was okay. She was cool as a cucumber and said, “Hey, it’s really okay. We are both alive. We both have insurance. Cars can get fixed.” She was so chill about it and I am STILL UPSET.

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I just have no idea what happened. I know I was awake and I know I was looking down the street ahead of me. I was stopped at a prior light about a block before, so I was barely going 15, but I hit her HARD. I never even braked because I never saw her in front of me. I feel like I shouldn’t even be allowed to drive anymore!! Where was my brain when this happened?? I also jacked up my back and shoulder which has been SO PLEASANT for the past two weeks. Thanks for nothing, brain!

There is not even a reason or excuse. I wasn’t distracted or fiddling with my radio. I cannot get over that I never saw her until I smashed into her. I feel like I have committed a crime I can’t remember doing (clearly I did, but you know?).

Things then took a super exciting turn. When I went to give her my insurance card, I realized that it had expired on May 5. I opened my Allstate app so I could send her a picture of my new card. Much to my surprise, I saw this fun little message:

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Plot twist! I did NOT have insurance. I gave the student my information and told her I would be in touch when I knew what was going on. I checked my emails and could not find any notice of cancellation. I double checked my bank account information to make sure I had not messed up a payment. I logged into our account at Allstate to see if I missed a message that only went to that inbox. NOTHING.

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So, I did what any grown woman would do and called my sister freaking the f*ck out. Image result for david schitt's creek cancel gif

Thankfully, Sari had not left for work yet, so she drove to the Allstate office to see what was going on. Several months ago, we received a letter from them that they needed a copy of Sari’s license or our insurance would be cancelled. She sent it in immediately, and our agent confirmed that he had received it. We never heard another peep about anything. Apparently, someone had entered her information incorrectly and put Texas as the state instead of California. The error did not get resolved, so it just dropped us from the insurance without a SINGLE WORD. God only knows how long it would have taken us to notice had this accident not happened. Sari was not pleased.

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The agent quickly realized it was a mistake on his end, apologized, and gave us temporary insurance that would cover the accident while he got our policy reinstated. I am MUCH relieved as I got the estimate for my Jeep and it is $4,000!!!! Damn you, Cely!!!! I am my own worst enemy.

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It was a very stressful morning for the Smart sisters, but Sari got it fixed and Allstate was processing the claim by noon. Despite this bit of terror, I have been so pleased with how Allstate handled my prior two claims when I was hit. I am thankful that I can afford good car insurance that will repair my Jeep and fix the student’s vehicle. I was also VERY CONCERNED that I would be going to jail for being an uninsured motorist.

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I was also dreading telling my parents. I would not have ever said a word except I left for a road trip on Friday, and they will see that I am in a rental car when I get to Texas. UGHHH. Do you ever get over the misery of telling your parents you f*cked up big time?

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