WTF Wednesday

On Friday, I had hope that nothing crazy would happen on campus so I could enjoy my weekend.

That sure didn’t happen. We have a dinner on a bridge by campus where our students in our nutrition and dietetics program make a really lovely farm-to-fork meal. It’s an awesome event that raises money for one of our academic programs and also showcases the talents of our students. Unfortunately, halfway through the meal, a drone dropped these leaflets EVERYWHERE:

Flyers were dropped on both sides of the Guy West Bridge via aerial drone during Sac State's annual Farm to Fork festival. The flyers featured anti-media propaganda, with one reading 'Stop the press!!!' and another featuring a black swastika on a red background.

Freaking Nazi bullshit. On top of that our campus continues to get covered with white supremacy flyers, stickers, and propaganda. GO AWAY. Ugh I hate people.

Image result for nazis gif

You can believe whatever you like about Trump’s role in encouraging and empowering white supremacy in this country, but this shit is getting worse by the day. He may not be directly causing it himself, but his words and actions are stoking the flames. We now deal with actual Nazi groups on our campus which is UNBELIEVABLE in 2019.

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