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Someone recently recommended a book to me and I replied, “Oh, I have that one on my list. I’m glad to hear you liked it.” She responded that she hadn’t read it, but it looks “so good.” Naturally, I assumed she meant that she had read about it or someone had recommended it to her, and it looked like it would be something she was interested in. Nope. She “doesn’t read like ever,” but the cover “seemed fun.”

I was also recently sent a draft of a formal event invitation that featured Arial script. ARIAL.

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Sans serif fonts have no place on an invitation. Serif or script ONLY. I’m organizing a rally for font justice.

“Seven weeks after Hurricane Maria, Puerto Ricans still can’t access programs that fed millions in Texas and Florida.” THIS IS SHAMEFUL.

One of the women who directly works with me is from Puerto Rico and her family is still there. She spoke to her dad the day after the hurricane passed over the island, but hasn’t been able to get in touch with him since. The rest of her family is trying to get to him to check on him, but physically cannot. This is outragous. Can you imagine not being able to find out if a parent is okay after SEVEN WEEKS??? WTF??

Nationally, it is estimated that teachers spend a total of $1.6 billion on school supplies each year. On average teachers spent nearly $500 with one in ten spending over $1000. The majority of my friends who are teachers work in schools that are in high poverty areas. I know they spend well over $1000 to ensure that their students have the supplies they need to be successful and to create a classroom environment that is inviting. It’s not a child’s fault that their parents can’t afford (or will not purchase) school supplies and it’s not a teacher’s fault that funding for education is still woefully inadequate. All of this is to say that the new Republican tax plan includes a proposal to eliminate the TINY relief that teachers get in claiming up to a $250 deduction on their federal taxes. WTF?? Our teachers and our students deserve far better than this, and it is shameful that teachers have to spend part of their already paltry salary on basic supplies.

Image result for teacher gifI saw someone recently comment that if teachers didn’t waste so much money decorating, then this wouldn’t be an issue. Personally, I think it’s important for students to be in an atmosphere that is inviting, interesting, and fun. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that some of my memories of my favorite teachers (particularly in elementary school) involved classrooms that were vibrant and festive. It was fun to learn and I was excited to be there. I am not stating that if you don’t go all out decorating your classroom then you are a bad teacher because I know that a lot of people truly do not have the time, money, or ability (I certainly couldn’t make anything even halfway nice), but I do think the classroom atmosphere matters. Also, students need Kleenex and pencils. 



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THE OTHER WIFE???? When I read who it was in the book I switched my Kindle off with pure rage. I knew that little bitch would be back! I still cannot believe that Jamie married her after she tried to get Claire burned at the stake. The little girls are precious and deserve a good dad, but WTF man? It also constantly infuriates me at how much of the drama in these stories is stirred up by a basic lack of communication. There is never a good time to drop that you have another wife, but Jamie waited way too long. I also appreciate what a total hater Jenny is. She has no time for this Return of Claire nonsense. She’s the best part of any scene she is in.

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I was also furious when Claire decided to have a cliff-side chat about how maybe she should not have traveled back and that they weren’t meant to be after all. Girl, it’s been like a week. Cool your jets. Did you think it would be easy? You just plopped back into someone’s life after being MIA for 20 years. There was no way for that to be a simple situation. Also, OF COURSE Ian was kidnapped by pirates while they hashed out if Claire made a mistake. At least we are finally heading out on the high seas and the VOYAGE part of VOYAGER is happening.

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I don’t see how we are going to get through all of the plots on plots wrapped in plots with a plot topping ahead in just five episodes.

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