WTF Wednesday

I have been really disappointed with the responses surrounding reports of inappropriate behavior by Joe Biden. He can be a perfectly nice and wonderful man to you, but that does not mean he has not made other people uncomfortable or icked out. Both can be true. And he can also be a well-meaning person who never intended to cause harm, yet still CAUSE HARM. It is fine if you are friends with Biden. It is fine if you enjoyed a hug from him. Those things are fine for YOU, but doe not mean that others felt the same way.

I have worked with plenty of men who have been affectionate in the same way as Joe (those interactions that are on video), and I do not appreciate it. Do not touch my hair. Do not rub my shoulders or my back. I know how it was intended, but that does not mean it wasn’t uncomfortable for me. Also, this is not new information. His lack of boundaries has been very public for a very long time. This picture makes me physically recoil.

If we are not close friends, family, or dating, then DO NOT TOUCH ME. My space and body are my own, and no one else gets to decide what is okay for my personal sense of autonomy. I do not think this should disqualify Biden from running for office, but I think people should be held accountable for their actions (I also think we need new blood, but that’s a different argument). I know that Trump has been accused of worse and is in office. I cannot do a thing about that, but if we do not hold our own candidates to a higher standard, then we can never expect anything to change.

Moving on. On our first night in San Diego, we were awoken at 2:30 am by a fire alarm. I have never stayed in a “smart house” when an alarm has gone off, so I was quite bewildered that a lady’s voice was coming out of the ceiling telling us “There is smoke in the bedroom. The alarm will sound.”

We could not figure out what was going on. Instead of immediately evacuating as ordered, I went around turning light switches on and off. Sari kept asking me what I was doing and I just shouted that I did not know because I was confused and I wanted the noise to stop.

Additionally, the way the fire alarm lady was stating her warning sounded VERY accusatory and it seemed like she was saying that the smoke was in OUR bedroom. I did not appreciate that she was implying that it was our fault. Sari eventually went out to see what was going on, and thankfully there was no fire. Needless to say, my parents and elementary school teachers would be VERY disappointed to learn that I have retained practically nothing when it comes to fire safety.

I also learned something VERY disturbing while we we were in San Diego. We were trying to find swimsuits for the beach, and decided that Target would be the place to shop. Unfortunately, every single Target we went to was TINY. I had not heard of a “mobile” Target before, but I cannot understand the point of them! They were the size of a CVS! It was an outrage.

I hope the good people of San Diego have a properly sized Target SOMEWHERE in that city!

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