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In depressing news, the war in Afghanistan has been going on for so long that the newest class of Marine recruits were not even alive when it began. And if that sounds unbelievable, then consider that it also means they were not alive when 9/11 happened.

The MOST horrible thing happened. I was wearing a sweater recently and something kept poking my back. I searched and searched and could not find what was causing the irritation. One of my student employees was in my office talking to me while I continued feeling around the back of my sweater. She walked over and offered to help. After a few seconds, she located the irritant and gasped with horror. IT WAS PART OF A FINGERNAIL.

Image result for gasp gifIt was completely embedded in my sweater so that I could not feel it unless I was leaned against the back of my chair. The worst part is that it was neither mine nor my sister’s fingernail. HORROR.

One of my biggest pet peeves at work is when my door is closed and someone just walks in like I did not specifically put a barrier between me and humanity. My door is opened 99% of the time, so when it is closed it means that I am talking to someone about something confidential. Either way, I am always bewildered when the door flies open without even a knock. I have asked people repeatedly not to do this (unless it’s my boss – he can barge in whenever he needs to obviously), so when they do I ask who died because it is NEVER an actual emergency. Respect my door!

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Sometimes I just need to sit alone in silence with my head on my desk getting my shit together for a few minutes so that I don’t stab an unsuspecting party. Also, my door does not lock which is so reassuring in this time of gun violence in schools.

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Speaking of gun violence in schools, a guy I work with recently told me that “students these days” are “too worried” about shootings on campus and that the chance one will happen is “highly unlikely.” Highly unlikely still means there is a chance. It is not an absence of a likeliness for an event to occur. And young people today grew up in a post-Columbine world. School shootings are a frequent and real tragedy that they have seen for their entire lives, so their worries are based in reality (also: you do not get to decide if other people’s fears or worries are valid).

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