WTF Wednesday

I am RICH in feelings today.

Ugh this Jussie Smollett story is looking SO BAD. I have been waiting for more information since this story was first reported, and I HATE that this is the direction it is headed. I will still believe people, but I hope he is held responsible if it was in fact a lie. And if that is the case, then I truly despise him for the damage he is causing for future victims of violence. On the other hand, this is also why I do not worry about the very tiny percentage of false reports. People get caught. I have no regrets for quickly believing Jussie because I found his story credible. I would rather be guilty of extending too much empathy and compassion towards alleged victims of violence than the alternative.Image result for jussie smollett

As J Harvey of Dlisted wrote, “I’m no historian, but this may be the first time when people besides raging assholes hope that a hate crime did go down and Jussie is still telling the truth, because if not, this is going to hurt more than just Jussie’s career and life.” UGH, JUSSIE, WHY!!! I hope he gets some help for whatever is going on that led him to think this decision was a good one.

I knew it was coming, but WTF Bernie Sanders? I would not have a problem if he would run as an independent, but it makes me so frustrated that he runs as a democrat. HE IS NOT A DEMOCRAT. Why would I vote for someone who has spent his entire career telling us he’s not a democrat? All he does is sow discord and division, and his voting record is CRAP. He waited way too long to endorse the party candidate in 2016, and the Bernie Bros would largely not support the winning candidate. This is a damn problem. Don’t run as a democrat if you aren’t going to support other democratic candidates when you lose. And if he wins the nomination, then I will put aside my personal feelings and vote for him because that’s the only way to end Trump.

Futhermore, I am ready for more people who are not elderly white men to lead this country. Buzz off, Bernie!

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MOREOVER, I also hate his thoughts on diversity in politics and the general idea of people “not seeing color.” That idea only works for white people who get to decide not to see color even though we live in a society and power system based on white supremacy, BUT OKAY. White is not the default human color. When people aren’t discriminated against and disenfranchised because of their skin, then we can move past seeing color. Skin color shouldn’t matter, but it does. And we (white folks) have made sure that it has mattered for hundreds of years. Racism is thriving in this country, so pretending that it is not an issue helps no one and solves nothing.

By refusing to see color, then you are refusing to see people. You cannot deny the existence color in the United States because how we are treated and the power we have is based on it. The entire system is set up for people to benefit white people. Humans are beautiful, and I hope that we one day live in our world where we can admire and appreciate our differences instead of using them to oppress people.

Finally, GET A HAIR BRUSH. Can you imagine a female candidate always looking like she always just woke up from a nap inside a carnival ride? Ugh. I do appreciate Bernie’s takes on income equality, but I feel like that’s really all he talks about. What about the rest??

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