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We were hosting a board meeting for a board that my boss is chair of earlier this week. He remembered right before the meeting that it was his turn to buy the snacks (for 23 people), so he came into my office to let me know that he was headed to the grocery store to pick up stuff. I asked him what he was getting and he said “a bag of chips and maybe a few cokes.” A SINGLE BAG OF CHIPS.

After much back and forth, I finally convinced him to let me go on the grocery jaunt in order to procure appropriate snacks. I would RIOT if I was in a six hour meeting with 23 people and a single bag of chips.

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On my way back from this little grocery run, it was pouring down rain. I am very spoiled by one of our security guards who is the MOST thoughtful human. He is always hopping up to open doors for people and to help those who are carrying things. It is not his job, but he is always going the extra mile to help people. As I ran up to the doors in the pouring rain, I was carrying all of the groceries (including several sets of beverages), so my hands were completely full. I noticed that one of the other security guards was standing between the two sets of glass doors I was about to enter. He made eye contact with me THEN TURNED AROUND and walked back through the second set of doors ignoring me.

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A woman in an office DOWN THE HALL saw me, and came running out to help because I could not get the door open (and I didn’t want to put the stuff down because everything was so wet). It is not the security guard’s job is not to open the door, but he was standing three feet from the door. As I passed his desk, I cheerfully said, “Thanks for all the help!” Sadly, he could not hear me because he was wearing ear buds and listening to something on his phone. I have complained about him numerous times because security personnel should NOT BE LISTENING TO MUSIC while working, but he persists!

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How is he supposed to hear the danger??

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