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I could not care less about the Ted Bundy doc on Netflix. I tried to watch it and couldn’t make it through half an episode. I do not care about the how or why of Ted Bundy, and I certainly do not think he deserves additional attention. I do not need four hours of Ted Bundy [forgive the crassness] sucking his own dick. UGH. It is completely gross to me. Give us a series on the women he harmed and murdered, and the lives he destroyed. The victims and the people who loved them are the ones who deserve to be remembered.

For days, we have been trying to solve the mystery of who “owns” a storage room in a building on campus. Everyone keeps going back and forth with the game of “NOT ME.” I finally got frustrated and told my colleague who I was on detective duty with, “Let’s just go see whose shit it is.” She slowly turned her head and said, “It’s not a bathroom, it’s a storage room.” And then we stared at each other in confusion for at least a minute.

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I stayed at a friend’s house recently to watch her son while she had to travel out of town for work (I do not know how working single parents do it). We were watching Iron Man and he said that he loves Pepper Pots. I noted that I do not really like Gwyneth Paltrow, but she’s fine in the movie. He asked how I could know that I do not like someone I have never met, and I asked him how he feels about Donald Trump. He straight up made this face and said “you got me there!”

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I got in weird argument with a man (ALWAYS) recently over the use of “completely confidential.” I believe it is redundant to use “completely” because you are assuring the completeness of the confidentiality with the world “confidential.” If something is not completely confidential, then it is not confidential. The matter is still not settled, but I do not see why people ask my opinion when they clearly do not want it. Do not come to me if you are just looking for someone to agree with you.

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