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Last week I was working on a PowerPoint for an event. The file was too big to send via email, so a guy on our media team was running up and down our stairs with the file on a USB as we made changes. At one point I found a change I wanted to make, so I called him and told him to come back upstairs. I couldn’t remember the word for “USB,” so I told him to bring “his little stick with him.”

Thankfully, we are friends and he just started laughing and told me not to insult the USB like that. I was so embarrassed that I could barely look at him when got to my office. I hope I didn’t run him off because he’s one of my favorite lunch pals. 

This Kevin Spacey stuff is awful, yet unsurprising (as an avid reader of gossip blogs). This is a good article about how damaging his statement is because it “conflates pedophilia ad homosexuality.” This is only going to get worse for him – AS IT SHOULD.

I swear every time I glance at an article and it has a picture of a famous guy, I now think it’s going to be accompanied by a story about what an awful creep they are. I saw a picture of Taylor Kitsch and I almost got hysterical. Thankfully, it was just about him losing 30 pounds to play David Koresh. To be clear, my enjoyment of someone as an entertainer is by no means important in comparison to the need for these people to have severe consequences for their actions and for survivors to share their stories.

I’ve also been thinking a lot about Kesha and what would have happened today if she came out with her allegations against Dr. Luke. I still feel so horrible for her and what she went through trying to get justice and freedom, and I think that today – in light of the consistent revealing of the deeply ingrained culture of sexual assault in the entertainment industry – that the reaction would have been a lot different.

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She persisted.

I’m choosing to temper my rage at General Kelly’s ridiculous remarks on the Civil War. I don’t need his divisive commentary about the lack of compromise regarding slavery causing the Civil War. There should have been ZERO compromising at all (even though there were too many efforts on that front). I will not humor this complete and total white supremacist bullshit while he defends a traitor to this country (General Lee). You, sir, are on my shit list at level CHEETO TRAITOR.

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Also, I am extremely hesitant to feel in any way optimistic or hopeful about Mueller’s investigation. I worry that this will hit a lot of low-level folks who don’t have solid connections to current Trump administrators, and that nothing will really come out of it. Call me when they haul in Sessions or Jared. I wish I didn’t feel so pessimistic about it, but I don’t have faith that anything will come of this in the end. I’m not good about optimism in general, but these folks are too slimy and have too much money. I think Trump will fire him and the Republicans won’t do a damn thing about it.

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Also, it’s good to know that we can all be assured that terror by foreign brown people is BAD and requires immediate action . 

But 58 people dead and over 500 injured at the hands of a white American still means that there is “nothing we can do.”  It’s also nice that the day of a tragedy is not “too soon” to talk about stopping terrorism, but it’s always the wrong time for gun control conversations. Obviously what happened in New York is horrifying and we have to do what we can to stop ISIS operators from entering or being recruited in our country, but all terror in all forms is a problem. Period. 

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