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While I was at one of our many Christmas celebrations in Texas, the news came on and the anchors were discussing Robert Mueller’s investigation. Someone behind me stated that they were sick of the Russia investigation and it has already gone on too long. Someone else replied that Hillary got away with “her emails” without hardly a peep and no one even mentions it. NO ONE EVEN MENTIONS IT.

They were just screaming it in August when 45’s campaign manager and personal lawyer got jail time. Additionally, the Whitewater investigation took more than seven years, Iran-Contra was more than six, and the Samuel Pierce thing under Bush I was more than eight!! These things take TIME. Anyway, I just went and ate some cookies by myself, but UGH.

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As a new semester rapidly approaches for many of us in higher education, I have some advice for the parents of college students. If your student comes to you with a academic problem, and you feel the need to help them out, then please PLEASE PLEASE make them show you their transcript first. Make them show you the exam scores and returned assignments for their classes. If they want your help, then demand the evidence. If they will not show you their transcript, then they are being shifty about something and you should not waste your time calling and yelling at people when your child is being a knucklehead. At least 80% of the parents I speak to are working with less than 5% of the information they need. DO NOT TRUST THEM.

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This is my personal opinion, but if you are providing any financial support to a student, then you should be granted access to their grades through their FERPA designations. You are supporting them and you should be able to check their progress. Yes, they are technically adults, but really they are only like 1/3 adult. They are still dependents. Only give them the dollars when you see the grades.

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We see so many students who are absolutely floundering for semesters or totally drop out, yet their parents have no idea and continue to send them money. If you are not granted permission through FERPA, then we cannot tell you anything about your student’s academic progress. You cannot spot a problem if you do not have access to the information. And if they do not want you to be able to see their grades, then let them figure out their finances on their own.

Finally, before the holiday I┬áhad a very long encounter with a parent whose child was completing high school a year early. The parent was demanding that we pay for his daughter’s first year of college since “the state is responsible for education up to age 18.” The state does fund education up to twelfth grade, but not up to a specific age. He would not hear it! It was days of my life that I will never get back. I finally convinced him to send me the policy dictating that state pays for students until age 18 so that we could send them a bill. I am still waiting.

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