WTF Wednesday

To start on an amazingly positive note, our campus raised over $14,000 in donations and gift cards over the past few weeks for the survivors of the Camp Fire. I was so overwhelmed that I started bawling because my most optimistic hope was $1000. It is already a financially difficult time for most people, and to see so many give so generously is completely overwhelming. So, three cheers for the good people of this world!

Now on to the regularly scheduled bitching. My dad called with the most HORRIFYING news this week. My mother made Rice Krispie treats and added RAISINS. Raisins!!!!! We shared a collective scream.

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I think we are going to have to take her to a treatment center when we get home. This is a deeply disturbing behavior. And she had a cookie party with her friends and NONE OF THEM brought any chocolate chip cookies, and I just hope you will all pray for my dad because he is having a really hard time right now in the face of these crimes against dessert. Live footage of my father in the kitchen this week:

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A co-worker called my office this week and asked if I could come down to his office for a  few minutes. When I got there he said he wanted to talk about “something awkward between us.” I took that to mean that something awkward had transpired between us and I almost puked.

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Thankfully he saw my panic and clarified that he wanted to talk about something awkward that was to be kept just between the two of us. What a relief! I just KNEW I had said some stupid thing and ruined our work relationship (he’s one of my favorite people I work with and I would have DIED if this had been the case). My mouth is going to be the end of me.

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