WTF Wednesday

Whenever my parents come to California, they often struggle to understand some of the sustainable and “natural” living choices my sister is making. My sister likes to poke back at their occasional incredulity (and mine as well). Because some of the things she is doing feel so out there, we are prone to believing her sarcasm. For instance, my mom was once lecturing her on dental health when my sister said she’s thinking about trying to reuse her toothpaste by spitting it out and letting it dry, then scraping it back up. We believed her. This weekend she bought some thin sponge sheets and I asked what their purpose was. Sari kept washing dishes and deadpan said, “reusable toilet paper.” I happened to be looking at my mom when this was said and she did not take it well:

My mom does her best to be supportive of my sister’s hippie ways, and I appreciate that she tried to keep her shock on mute, but her face was a horror show. It was a bridge too far. Thankfully, Sari was joking and she is using the sponge things in lieu of paper towels, but she got us good.

I got my sorry self up for Orange Theory yesterday morning which felt nothing short of a real live miracle. When it was my group’s turn on the rower, we were rowing our little hearts out. Rowing setup for reference:

Image result for rower otf

All of a sudden I hear a crash followed by a loud “UGH.” The guy next to me had rowed right out of his shoes!! The shoes were still strapped in and he was on the ground behind the machine.

Image result for shock gif

Naturally, I started laughing because I’m a terrible person. He was totally okay and also laughing, but the image of his shoes still on the machine without him was too much. I now feel totally justified in the amount of time I spend tightening my laces and adjusting the foot plates.

Finally, with my family in town and all of the people in and out of my Jeep this weekend, it was accidentally left unlocked overnight. When my dad went out the next morning, he noticed that it had been rifled through and an assortment of random items was in the seat. Since I keep nothing of value in my car, there was not much to take other than a stock pile of band-aids and Tums. I thought everything was in place until I went to charge my phone. The bastard(s) stole my old janky charging cord and replaced it with an auxiliary cord.

Image result for confused gif

I did not notice a first because they are both white cords, but they got me! I do not know whether to be amused by this or what, but what an odd thing to do.

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