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Because I got a full-face of makeup on Saturday, we were cutting it close for The Spy Who Dumped Me, and we arrived after the previews had begun. When we walked to our seats, we saw that they were filled by an older couple and a young lady using a wheelchair. We double checked our tickets to make sure they were our seats and quickly agreed that we were not going to ask them to move. We looked around to find other seats, but the only ones open were in the front row and Sari was emphatic that she was NOT SITTING THERE.

So, she stayed and I went to find someone to figure out what we could do. While I was gone, the couple found their tickets and they had the same seats as we did! The theater double booked us all! What the hell?? Since Sari was not having that front row nonsense, the theater gave us a refund and two free movie passes!

My apartment complex sent us a message this week and I think they have been taking writing lessons from Donald Trump: “With the high temperatures, we are seeing and in order to keep your apartment cool, drop the Thermostat at a cool temperature before you leave your Home in the morning.”

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Phone call:

Me: Hi, I’m returning a call from Person.
Receptionist: Um….
*a million years of silence*
Me: Hello?
Receptionist: Uh, yeah, Person is at their desk.
*a million years of silence*
Me: Okay, do you think I could talk to them.
Receptionist: Probably.
Me: Great, can you transfer me?
Receptionist: I can’t.
Me: Can you take a message?
Receptionist: Probably.

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We recently had a retreat where we discussed our professional love languages. Everyone else was “words of affirmation” or “quality time” except for Lisa and me who were “acts of service.” One of our male colleagues stated that this was why are so “impossible to please”  because he can’t “just charm us with nice words.” Excuse me, but we are impossible for YOU to please since you NEVER offer to do anything to help us out. Words don’t help with workload!

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You gotta SHOW ME you care with blood, sweat, and tears.

The racist dumpster fire that is the cheeto administration is expected to announce a proposal in the next few weeks that makes it harder for legal immigrants to obtain citizenship if ANYONE in their household has used programs like medicaid, CHIP, or ACA. Did you know that babies who are born with health issues are often automatically eligible for medicaid so that they can be treated, and, you know, live? This is INFURIATING and it could affect up to 20 million LEGAL IMMIGRANTS. It is completely legal for lawfully present immigrants to buy health coverage. COMPLETELY LEGAL. They are not doing anything wrong!! Both legal and undocumented immigrants pay taxes and make on average far less than native citizens.

Immigrants have to survive with little job opportunity and low wages, then we take away their chance at citizenship if they use what few resources are available to them despite PAYING THE TAXES THAT FUND THESE RESOURCES JUST LIKE THE REST OF US. Eat shit, Stephen Miller. You nasty little troll. History will remember your stupid face.

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