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I do not typically buy bras that have a front closure, but my mom recently purchased some she did not like and gave them on to me. Not to be one to say no to free things, I happily accepted. All was well until I was sitting in a meeting and crossed my arms. Suddenly, I felt the horrifying feeling of the front of the bra completely unclasp itself.

It was a very small meeting and I could not exactly excuse myself to fix it, so I sat there with crossed arms the entire time in fear that moving them would allow the bra to come completely undone. Afterward, both of the other people in the meeting independently asked me if I was okay and if they had done something to make me mad. EVERYTHING IS FINE.

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So, Donald Trump waged a trade war by implementing tariffs, now our farmers might go under, so we the taxpayers are funding a $12 BILLION dollar bail out because Donald Trump waged a trade war? What. Also, why aren’t people saying that they should just pull themselves up by their bootstraps or stop expecting the government to support them? They are getting welfare. Why is it okay for farmers to get welfare but an OUTRAGE when anyone else needs support? If only there was something Trump could do to stop this issue in its tracks…

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For the record, I completely support subsidies and support for farmers, just like I support it for the rest of the people in this country who need a little to keep their heads above the water. I just think it’s some bullshit that the GOP is all on board with helping farmers, but screaming their heads off about other programs that support people facing financial challenges.

Um. Why are companies now allowed to release the blueprints to print the majority of pieces needed to build a firearm on a 3-D printer now?

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All we need in this country are angry white men making plastic AR-15s in their garages. Sure, I get that these weapons have a high chance of being unreliable and inaccurate, but you can still murder people with that thing. I get that people can already build guns at home today and that is why AR-15s are so popular. I also get that printed guns will likely be a drop in the bucket of gun ownership in this country, but that does not make it a nonissue. I am not and have never advocated for a gun-free America, but CHRIST ON A CRACKER this will not help anything.

Dotard’s administration is working to gut the Endangered Species Act even though it has a strong history of support by Americans. And I get how inconvenient it can be to protect a species, but we are not the only living thing on this planet. I hate that the people making these decisions will be dead long before the rest of us face the consequences. Trump will never have to survive as our climate continues to change in a way that will make human survival on large parts of this planet impossible. He will not have to face food scarcity. He will not have to live without banana pudding! He won’t have to wheeze in the smog as they roll back California’s efforts to reduce air pollution. OLD RICH PEOPLE DO NOT HAVE TO CARE.

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