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I am honestly baffled that so many people are shocked by what is happening to families and children at the border. This is exactly what people voted for. They wanted people who are entering the country without documentation to be criminally prosecuted and stopped. Criminal prosecution for this type of situation happens at the federal level, and children cannot be kept in federal jail.

It is a black and white issue for the huge majority of people who I personally know voted for Trump, and they are fine with it. I know this because they have said it. Do not cross the border and you will not lose your kids. It is not about people to them. They do not care what these refugees are escaping and they do not care that seeking asylum is not a crime. They do not care. They do not want these people in their country regardless of the cost.

Americans have been doing this for hundreds of years to numerous populations, and I just honestly do not know why anyone is shocked by the situation. This is exactly who we are. I am angry that this is still who we are and that so many people I care about do not give a single shit about what is happening to HUMANS right now. I hope the UN sanctions us for human rights abuses. We are a historically crappy people who continue to make the most vulnerable among us suffer.

Dozens of “Families Belong Together“ rallies are planned for Thursday, June 14th to protest the Trump administration’s practice of separating children from their parents at the US/Mexico border. The administration has separated hundreds of families, mostl

This “zero-tolerance” immigration policy was enacted on May 7. All adults who do not enter the country through a port of entry are to be criminally prosecuted. Their children end up in the Office for Refugee Resettlement. There is nothing that ensures these families are reunited or even deported back to the same country. The increased enforcement is the decision of the Trump administration and they have decided that they will charge asylum seekers as criminals. That specific decision is all on Trump, but the Obama administration is not clean either. We owe these people refuge because we destroyed their countries with our support of violent dictators, assassinations, and military operations. We did not rebuild failed states and governments, and we allowed gangs to move in. We have been doing this for decades.

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Do I want people entering this country illegally? Nope. Am I a human who recognizes the desperate and horrific circumstances that push people to make that decision? Absolutely. Do I think we can make our asylum and visa process easier? HELL YES. Be a human. Give a shit about the experiences and struggles of other people. Think about what might push you to make this kind of decision for your family. What wouldn’t you do to keep them safe?

In addition to calling, emailing, and writing to your representatives, here are some other ways to help.

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