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We have oodles upon oodles of events during the final two months of the semester. Award ceremonies, cultural celebrations, program specific ceremonies, religious ceremonies, scholarship banquets, donor banquets, honorary degree dinners, and on and on. I try to go to as many as I can handle, but I do not go to everything because honestly I would lose my mind if I had three events to attend every single day for a month.

It is bad for my mental health. So, I carefully select what to attend and am careful to be equitable in my attendance from year to year so that I am not going to the same events each time while never attending others. I also have a strict policy that I only attend events to which I am actually invited. You have to send an invitation to ME. If you invite my boss, then you cannot assume I will automatically attend. We are not one person and I am not his emotional support animal.

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I recently got an email from someone (with several other people copied on it) who in many paragraphs described how fantastic an event was and then finished it with “I hope you will see what a great celebration this was and elect to attend next year.” I was appalled because I was never even invited!

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So, I politely responded with, “I would love to attend next year if you elect to invite me.” The person then replied only to me saying I did not need to be “so catty on a mass email.” Did you not just send a mass email accusing me of not attending your most special event even though you never invited me? DID YOU NOT JUST DO THAT?

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People. I cannot deal with them.

Also, HAHAHAHAHAHA at Roseanne getting cancelled because she is a hateful dumbass. I do not know why it took this long because she has been awful forever, but at least there are finally consequences. We were never allowed to watch the show growing up because they were “rude and loud,” but I know a lot of people loved it. I have no issue with shows that speak to conservative values or feature conservative characters and their beliefs, but Roseanne Barr is a TERRIBLE PERSON. She does not deserve more money or a higher profile platform through this show no matter how supportive she is of her transgender TV show grandchild.

Image result for mad men bye gifI just feel sorry for all of the people who work on the show who have lost their source of income because she is an asshat.

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