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It has been reported that Claire Foy was given back pay to make up for the difference in salary between her and Matt Smith. Yay!

I am easily irked in case you cannot tell, but I am especially extra irked when it comes to vague demands. Recently, someone sent me two separate emails in which contained items needing approval. One email said “time sensitive” and the other stated that the approval was needed “soon.” How soon? How time sensitive? Are we talking in an hour, a day, a week, WHEN??? You cannot establish a time sensitivity without a time period! And when I responded to ask the person by when approval was actually needed, the person said, “why?”

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No reason! Lol I’m being silly.

My boss in traveling internationally for work next month and one of the ladies in my office has been working on getting a visa. She spent THREE WHOLE DAYS working on it and could not complete the process. The visa application takes you through three different websites where you re-enter the same information multiple times. Once you fill it out on one website, then you cannot go back and modify it. She kept getting to a page near then end where it would say “Address Match!” every time she hit submit and not let her move on.

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When I found her in tears over it, I told her to let me try. NINE HOURS LATER I could not do it either! I started completely over eight times, took a picture of every time I entered an address to make sure they matched, and it STILL gave me an “Address Match!” error at the end.

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I called the visa company to try and figure out what the deal was and they just said “the addresses need to match.” WHICH ONES. WHERE. HELP. We had to get the folks in our global programs office to help, and one of them finally got a hold of someone at the company who could manually advance us past that screen. After five days of effort, we are all VERY ANGRY about this trip.

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