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Holy sh*tbananas the Howard University story about employees misuse of funds is SO BAD. They took almost $370K!!! What a nightmare.

I have long been worried about the Yellowstone “supervolcano” magma situation, but I am extra worried especially now that I live in what would be the impact zone (also worried Cascadia subduction zone super earthquake, outer space, retirement, ghosts, climate change, and murderers under my bed). I am going to be in Yellowstone this summer, so if it could just wait until I have a chance to be afraid of bears, moose, and wolves in person for a few days, then that would be great.

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Let me have one last mountain vacation before the world ends, OKAY.

Speaking of national parks, international asshate Logan Paul was an international asshat in Yosemite last week. Because he didn’t have reservations (and was apparently unwilling to sleep overnight in line for Camp 4 like everyone else), he parked his bus in a parking lot across FIVE SPACES. FIVE!!!

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He then proceeded to camp overnight in the lot which is not permitted. He didn’t properly store his food (think of the bears WILL YOU) and then drove the bus around the valley with people in tents on top of it. He was finally asked to leave after other campers started to complain. This infuriates me. I could feel my heart beating in my ears while I was reading the story. You don’t deserve our parks!!!!  Unsurprisingly, Logan Paul continues to be a HORRIBLE HUMAN. Can we vote him off the planet? It’s a good thing I wasn’t there because I would be in jail for MURDER.

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I have also seen a lot of people on social media shaming the park rangers for not citing him or kicking him out sooner. Have you met a park ranger? They are the most helpful and thoughtful people. They are dedicated to helping people have a great experience while also protecting the environment. They shouldn’t have to put up with that, and I believe that they genuinely want to give people opportunities to rectify their behavior. These are not law enforcement professionals – they are park rangers. The nature of the person (in my experience) who signs up for that job is not someone who enjoys kicking people out of parks.They are there to share their love of the outdoors with visitors and do what they can to protect our parks. I think my dream job is NPS law enforcement so that I can kick people out of parks. You littered – BUH BYE.

I had a meeting with a male colleague recently, and he started the conversation by explaining MY job to ME. He does not work with me, for me, or in any way that is adjacent to me. When I pointed out that I was already well aware of what he was talking about because I do my job every day, he responded that I should “chill” and that he wasn’t “mansplaining to me.” When I gave him a raised eyebrow, he then proceeded to explain and complain about “that offensive term” for 15 minutes. I timed him. He mansplained and manwhined about mansplaining for FIFTEEN MINUTES OF MY LIFE.

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It was truly incredible and, since it was spring break, he had nowhere to be but sitting in my office complaining.

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