WTF Wednesday

My full trial write up will be posted tomorrow (I know you are all just dying to read it), but I got home late last night and couldn’t get it finished. So, since I write WTF Wednesday as things piss me off, this one is ready to go!

God bless Stormy Daniels for refusing to go away. The same people who are morally disgusted by Bill Clinton and could not therefore vote for his wife (you know, because his skeezy ways are totally all her fault) are somehow not at all disgusted by Donald cheating on his wife (who just had a baby) with another woman. Huh? THIS MAN IS NOT THE PROTECTOR OF YOUR CHRISTIAN VALUES, Y’ALL. I am also horrified by the evidence that Daniels has and is willing to share. I do not ever need to see Cheeto peen. HOW IS THIS OUR LIFE.

The rotten Trump apple sure doesn’t fall far from the diseased Trump tree. RUN, VANESSA, RUN.

The Cambridge Analytica story is CRAZY. WTF, Facebook?

In case you missed it in my Instagram stories or do not truly understand how upset I still am about it, I ordered a sandwich this week that came with banana slices in it. BANANA SLICES. It was a fig and brie sandwich with “seasonal fruit” which I wrongly assumed would be on the side. Being the naturally suspicious lady that I am, I opened my sandwich to inspect it upon arrival. I found a fig jam, brie, lettuce, a tomato slice, and a few thin slices of pear. All okay, so I took a big ol’ bite and my mouth was immediately overwhelmed with the taste of banana. I HATE BANANA EVERYTHING.

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I opened the sandwich again and couldn’t find the offending banana, so I thought maybe I was mistaking the pear for banana since I don’t always enjoy pear because of the texture. I took another bite and was definitely assaulted with banana. I finally pulled the cheese off the bread and found that not only were the banana slices secretly sealed under the cheese, but they were also hot bananas since it was a grilled sandwich. I was deeply upset. Also, bananas are not seasonal. We have them all the time. OUTRAGE. Also, there are no acceptable bananas. I don’t need an explanation of how you can tolerate bananas. This is a banana free zone.

The Hubble images are gorgeous and deeply disturbing to me. Space worries me (THINGS ARE OUT THERE I KNOW IT), and seeing where all of those things could be living is more than my brain can handle.


I found out yesterday that I don’t get paid the $15 a day for my jury service because I am a state employee and am paid my salary while I’m out. While I deeply appreciate that I didn’t have to take vacation or use unpaid leave, I am irked that I don’t get my $15 because I am petty. I either bought my lunch or had to buy items to make my lunch because the normal lunches I have prepared and frozen lunches at work that can’t be eaten without a microwave. I also had to spend an extra hour in the car each morning to get downtown which was about 53 minutes longer than it takes me to get to work. I can get mileage reimbursement, but only for one way. I realize this is all silly, but UGH it was eight days of service and sandwiches!

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