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Jameela Jamil is one of the stars of The Good Place (which I greatly enjoy despite the fact that Kristin Bell’s emotions and extreme earnestness makes me uncomfortable), and she is my favorite character.
I’ve linked to her blog before, but this week she shared her outrage about this:


And then inspired a lot of women to share what they “weigh” through her own picture:


Her whole post is fabulous and she shares about her personal struggles with her worth along with a bunch of pictures from other women who also gave their “weight.”


I continue to see people claim that if we make it harder to get certain types of firearms or ammunition, then people will just build bombs. Okay, but you know that building a bomb takes a LOT more effort than buying a gun? There are also regulations on buying the chemicals that can be used to make bombs (which happened, you know, in response to the Oklahoma City bombing). The teenagers who massacred their fellow students in Columbine had 99 explosive devices as part of their attack. Guess how many people died from those explosive devices? Zero. The majority of them never went off as planned, or only partially exploded. The pressure cooker bombs at the Boston Marathon did go off as planned, and while three people lost their lives, it could have been far more horrific if they had arrived with AR-15 and high capacity magazines. Yes, people who want to hurt people will find a way to do it, but why are we making it so easy for them?

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Trump stating that “I really believe I’d run in, even if I didn’t have a weapon” is the only funny thing to come out of this tragedy. I’m surprised he can run with those bone spurs, but the Washington Post has an excellent summary of how he has faced danger in the past. Hint: Not valiantly.

(Thanks, Dave!)

At least I know I’m a coward and have no delusions of bravery. I would just shove my coworkers out the window and run for it.

I have probably said this before, but I REALLY hate when the only way to get information from a website is to watch a video. I want to read the news on the internet not watch it. I am almost never in a place where I can watch a video on my phone. I HATE that more and more sites are moving toward this medium.

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Are you watching the new season of Homeland? HOLY RUBY RIDGE.

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