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Over the weekend I noticed several people posting responses to the Shaun White sexual harassment story along these lines:

When I pointed out that I thought sticking your hands down your pants and trying to make ANYONE smell them is in not funny at all, I got a response that he was just a kid and he deserved a break. He was in his mid-to-late-twenties when Lena Zawaideh states that he was gross and creepy to her. Young yes, but far from a kid. The person then went on to justify Shaun’s behavior by explaining that he also did all kinds of stupid and inappropriate things in his twenties. Great dude, so you’re a gross asshole too.

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I know that there are plenty of people in their twenties who make mistakes and that their brains are not fully formed until they are 25 or so, but that still does not absolve you for being gross or harassing people. The true icing on the WTF cake was after he excused Shaun’s actions by stating that “he was just a kid,” he then complained that Lena should have been an “adult” about the situation. So Shaun gets to be immature and gross, but Lena just needs to deal with it like a grown up.

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I don’t know if you witnessed the true treat over the weekend that was the New York Times opinion column, “Why Yoga Pants are Bad for Women.” The author posits that, “We aren’t wearing these workout clothes because they’re cooler or more comfortable. We’re wearing them because they’re sexy.” For one, if you’ve ever seen me exercising, then you already know there is no sexy to be found. Angry, sweating, tomato is what I bring. I wear tights not because I want to show off my booty (and even if I did, that is JUST FINE), but because I am more comfortable in them in exercise classes.

When I am wallering all over the floor in Orange Theory, I need to focus on not dying instead of worrying about my shorts riding up or showing off the color of my underwear to my fellow OTFers. No one exercising with me ever needs to see my underwear. On the treadmill, I enjoy wearing tights because they don’t move as I run. My thighs touch, my shorts move (even the good ones), and I don’t want to spend the entire time I’m running re-adjusting them.

I actually don’t give a flying f*ck if you can see my cellulite or rolls. It’s my body and I honestly don’t care if you don’t like it. You aren’t forced to look at me, like me, or touch me. And if I wanted to look cute or sexy at the gym, then that is also completely acceptable. Despite the authors claim that “Control-top exercise leggings that hold in your stomach won’t help.” IT DOES. You know what tights help control? UNCOMFORTABLE JIGGLING. I wear a sports bra for the same reason. I want things compressed because it is more comfortable for me. That is my decision to make. Even though no one seems to be able to figure out if “Honor Jones” is a real person or a nom de plume for a bunch of opinion editors, I can only assume the person who did write this has never had to deal with belly fat or touching thighs.

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The author also suggest sweatpants. I can barely wear sweatpants when it is 50 degrees in our house and I am sitting completely still on the couch. I would DIE in sweatpants while exercising. They just trap the heat and are not moisture-wicking at all!!! If you want to wear the sweatpants, then WEAR SWEATPANTS. No one is stopping you! I see people running in them frequently. They’re very easy to find! Do your thing in your sweatpants, but leave the rest of us alone who want to do a different thing.

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Finally, in true form, I set up a meeting this week and only invited myself. I didn’t need to invite myself since I set it up, but I did. And I didn’t bother to invite anyone else to it. I sat in the conference room for 15 minutes waiting before I figured it out. Other than being frustrated because I still needed a meeting with those people, it was the best 15 minutes of my week.

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