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If, like me, you often wonder how evangelical conservative Christians can so heartily support someone who has a richly documented history of Biblical immorality and general terribleness, then let Tony Perkins explain. Apparently “our country’s got a sin problem,” but Trump gets a mulligan for his. Okay.

You do you with your religion regarding your choices for yourself, but leave me out of it. I wouldn’t feel the need to constantly point out the hypocrisy of this if Christianity wasn’t such a driving force in politics and policy. If church and state were truly kept separate, then we wouldn’t have an issue here. I can guarantee that if we had a Muslim president (not a secret Muslim like Obama *rolls eyes until they fall out of head*) and policy was being driven by the principals of Islamic fundamentalism, then there would be a full blown riot in the streets.

‘Anemic’ State Funding for higher education.

California higher education is seeing an increase, but that is only because we (the California State University system) are still climbing out of our hole from the recession. We are just now back at the funding level we were at in 2008 – when we had 50,000 fewer students (across 23 campuses) enrolled and salaries were less (because of the cost of living continues to increase). Our budget (for the 23 universities in our system) was cut by $1 BILLION from 2008-2012. ONE BILLION.

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Last week my boss copied me on an email and told the other people on the email that I “handle the technology” in our office.

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The extent to which I “handle the technology” is un-jamming the printer and re-starting a computer when there’s a problem. THAT IS IT. In no world is that “handling technology.” I simply exist near the technology and call our IT folks when turning something off and back on doesn’t solve the problem.

Can someone explain to me why Trump didn’t enforce sanctions on Russia when Congress voted 517-5 and passed a bill last year to punish them for meddling in our election? The CIA believes that they will again target our elections in 2018, so why are we not hammering them on this? Putin must be so pleased with his orange puppet.

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Finally, just another day in this American paradise with a jealous white guy murdering four people at a car wash with an AR-15.

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We need to regulate car washes ASAP. They are absolutely unsafe.

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