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Last week I got my Jeep back from the collision center after getting rear ended again in November. Everything was super quick and easy this time since the rear ender had full coverage through the same company I use (thanks, Allstate!). They even paid for my rental car while my Jeep was in the shop. Everything was back to normal in our house, then Sari got rear ended the very next day. This is now four times in total for us this year.

Sari pulled over into a parking lot after it happened, and the guy didn’t have insurance or a license (just a state issued ID). He also said he didn’t want to call the cops (I wonder why?). Sari said she was so creeped out by being alone with him in the dark and empty parking lot that she just took pictures of his ID and car, then got the hell out of there as quickly as she could. She was afraid if she called the cops that he might get really mad, so she filed a police report after the fact. It really sucks to be a woman sometimes. So, it looks like she will have to pay the deductible to get it fixed under our insurance. The police won’t investigate this, but why do the uninsured and underinsured drivers face no consequences??

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Please send your feelings of shared outrage her way.

As I’ve mentioned before, I am crap with lyrics. I almost never hear words when I’m listening to music and I just imitate the sound I think I hear. It ends with me singing things like “There might be a little dust on the BIBLE” (instead of “Dust on the Bottle,” REGARDLESS – don’t let it fool you about what’s inside) or “Take the Back Right Turn” (instead of “Paperback Writer“) or “Comma Comma Comma Come On Amelia” (“Karma Chameleon“). So, I suck at lyrics. I was re-watching season two of The Crown at the airport last night while waiting for my flight to Texas because I got there stupid early as usual. I had the captions on since I couldn’t hear it at all because of all the background noises (WHY DO PEOPLE WATCH VIDEOS SO LOUDLY ON THEIR PHONES WITHOUT USING HEADPHONES), and I heard the coronation anthem begin during a scene in episode five.

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Then, across the bottom of my screen, this appeared:


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I had no clue that the music had a name other than “Coronation Anthem” (“Zadok the Priest” is THE ACTUAL TITLE). And I still can’t really tell that “ZADOK THE PRIEST” are the first words they actually shout. I always thought they were just exclaiming joyfully in unison because we all know how extra choir people can be.

I knew there was a “God save the King,” “Long live the King,” rejoicing, and some hallelujah in there, but I have never heard ZADOKKKKKK THE PRIIIEEEEEEST. It really was a shocking revelation for me at 2 am. I even listen to a Handel coronation anthems playlist when I’m working weekends (it’s peppy!) and I still missed the title and words. I feel pretty dumb about the entire thing. Also, Zadok was in fact a priest in ye olde Bible times.

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Also, BLESSINGS to every single person at Disney who signed off on this horrendous version of an old wax Cheeto.

Biff Tannen has worked really hard for this recognition.

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