I had plans to go with my friend Heather and her daughter to the March For Our Lives on Saturday, but was derailed by work. Here’s Heather, her daughter, and her friend marching for COMMON SENSE gun laws in the country.

NOT A TOTAL GUN BAN YOU ASSHATS. A person can respect the Second Amendment, agree that people should be able to use firearms for sport and protection, and still want better regulations.

Anyway. I’ve been working with our campus auditor since last summer to respond to questions that are coming from the state to audit our campus health and safety practices and compliance. It’s been challenging for me because I’ve never been involved in auditing and I am not a health and safety professional. I would like just once to get thrown into a project where I actually have some experience or knowledge, like educational policy or royal consorts of the middle ages. I don’t know anything about how much hazardous waste at a University is too much hazardous waste, or who needs to be certified to use lasers! I don’t even know who would use a laser and what they would do with it! What is a laser!

So rewriting (so they have a consistent “voice”) and determining if the answers provided by our safety folks fully answer the questions from the auditor about things I know zip about has been special kind of ugh. We had our final meeting with the auditors while I was out on jury duty, and we received their final draft of the report on Friday afternoon. We had until yesterday morning to review and provide rebuttal or clarification before sending it to our Chancellor’s Office for legal review so that it would be back to the auditors mid-week. So, basically, PLENTY OF TIME.

Despite my disappointment, I planned to start my Saturday on the right foot by hitting the early Orange Theory class. I typically go to the classes that start after 9 am because weekends are for sleeping, so this was a real effort for me. It was a full class, so there was a lot of disappointment when it became clear that the instructor was not going to show.

They managed to call in another instructor, but she was going to take about 30 minutes to arrive since she doesn’t live in town. They offered to let us wait and extend the class time, but I had to be at work right after the class (and after a quick shower of course because I’m not disgusting), so I just changed and went to the office. That evening I collapsed on the couch to watch some West Wing and live in a blessed alternate reality where the White House is a place of respect and professionalism.

In case you were ever wondering, I’m the Toby of our office. I’m in charge of communications, I write speeches, I spend a lot of time arguing about words, and I’m a curmudgeon who needs pie.

On Sunday, I went to Orange Theory and the instructor showed up. Yay! I thought it was an especially challenging class because we spent half of it running on an incline in our push pace. My heart was a pounding. Afterward, I cleaned our apartment, then spent the rest of the day catching up on work. We have a holiday on Friday and budget presentations all day during the week, so I don’t anticipate getting much actual work done. We get to spend four full days trapped in a room listening to people who are already woefully underfunded explain their additional cuts since the Governor has decided not to fully fund the California State University system. It is so damn depressing.

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My frustration with the funding process in California knows no bounds. One ongoing issue is that our faculty union negotiated multi-year raises in 2016. That is great, and they deserve it. Those raises triggered staff unions to also negotiate pay increases as part of a “me too” clause (if one union gets a raise, then all the unions get a raise). That is also great, and they deserve it too. But no one is paying for it! This was all negotiated without a plan for funding in place. So, we have millions of dollars (just on our campus) in additional salary to pay this year and but no one gave us additional funding to cover it. This is not how you manage finances! Image result for west wing gif

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