Windy Waterton

We wrapped up the day with a short jaunt to Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta. The drive was unbelievably beautiful. We were rubbernecking at every turn! When we crossed the border, we were asked if we were planning to leave anything behind in Canada and I almost shouted “ME.” I’ll try again when I go back in August.

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I have wanted to stay at the Prince of Wales for as long as I have been obsessed with royalty. I love that it was built to try and get tourists from the U.S. during prohibition. My kind of plan! It was named for David who was Prince of Wales at the time in an attempt to get him to stay there on his 1927 royal tour. He opted not to, but I think that is a good omen since he went on to become the selfishly ill-fated King Edward VIII who BROUGHT IT UPON HIMSELF AND ALSO LIKED HITLER. UGH. I digress. Anyway, I’ve always wanted to go, but $700 a night is too rich for my blood. So, we just creeped around and checked it out. It was so nice of them to let the peasants in! The view from the hotel must be worth every penny! That wind was WILD though. I thought I was going to blow over which is really saying something because I am quite sturdy.

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We originally planned to camp there, but my pal Andrea warned me about the wind, and we aborted that plan. Bless you, Andrea! We would have had a very angry night in a tent with that wind! We drove a bit out of Waterton to spend the night, and again we were amazed by the greenness of everything. Do people here even know how lush they have it?

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