Why Everyone Loves One Two Cosmetics’ Full Lashes 

one two cosmetics full lashes

For some fashion enthusiasts, magnetic eyelashes seem to be one of the few things that have managed to pass them by. Fortunately, this is no longer the case.

One Two Cosmetics Full Lashes 

When it comes to eyelashes, no one wants to be constantly stuck with just three coats of lengthening mascara. Also, the glue on false lashes and various salon extensions are not so admirable. Due to such issues, a company known as One Two Cosmetics came up with the clever idea of little eyelash boosters a couple of years back.

For some, it was a surprise that they were among the few who had no clue about this fashion revolution. In fact, for those who were lucky enough to catch on to the trend in its early stages, One Two Cosmetics Full Lashes has proved to be a worthy investment. In fact, as a testament of just how good these lashes are, Allure presented One Two Cosmetics with a Best of Beauty Breakthrough Award back in 2016, whereas Cosmopolitan referred to their invention as ‘genius.’

How Full-Coverage Lashes Work  

one two cosmetics full lashes

For some, the idea brought forth by One Two Cosmetic Full Lashes may seem too far ahead of its time, even in fashion terms. However, for those who know just how fast things evolve in the cosmetic world, these lashes are items that have been long in the making. Therefore, in case you have read about them in fashion magazines, overheard friends speaking about them, or happened to come across them while surfing the internet, the following information will provide you with great insight into how these unique lashes really work.

For starters, each set of these lashers are accompanied with one upper strip and single or two lower strips based on the kind you want to purchase. They contain very small micro-magnets that are attached to the base of each strip. Users simply need to place the upper strip on top of their lashes and the lower ones below their lashes. Once you do this, the magnets present on the strip will connect, thereby compressing your real lashes in between, which is a fairly cool process.

Taking them off is also a pretty easy process. You will need to start by holding the strips in between your index finger and thumb, and then proceed to gently rub your fingers in a horizontal pattern until the magnets let loose. As most users would agree, this is way better than having to deal with glue on your eyelids before going to bed.

What effect will magnetic lashes have on your real lashes? 

For those who have been around false eyelashes for a long period of time, or are close to people who often use them, then it is likely that you know or have heard about various issues associated with these types of facial accessories. For starters, a common complaint is that one can easily pull out a few of their own lashes when removing the fake ones before turning in for the night.

However, with One Two Cosmetic Full Lashes, such problems are non-existent since they make use of magnetic technology. This means that taking them off is a simple process like clicking and un-clicking the lashes. 

The benefits of One Two Cosmetics Full Lashes 

• Offers an appealing look 

These particular lashes give users a more appealing look since they make the eyes more defined and give them a classy touch of femininity.

• Variety 

One Two Cosmetic Full Lashes come in wide range of choices, including a casual or daytime look. Users can also opt for bold, large volume, or curly variations.

• Quality  

These lashes use high quality synthetic fibers that most users prefer to animal derived lashes. They are also glamorous but still very soft.

• Easy application 

From the tutorials showcased on One Two Cosmetics Full Lashes site, users can clearly see that the application of these accessories is not so hard, and anyone can easily master the process.

• No glue 

These unique eyelashes are particularly clean and toxin-free since they do not require the use of glue.

• Re-usable 

Users can wear One Two Cosmetic Full Lashes repeatedly and they will still maintain their unique look.

• Economical  

Coming in at $69 per case may sound a bit pricey from the onset, but when you look at things objectively, you will find that this price tag is indeed worth it; especially when you take into account the fact that they are reusable.  

Everyone has a different preference when it comes to beauty and fake lashes, but with all of the benefits of One Two Cosmetics Full Lashes, why would you want any other option? 

For even more information about these fab lashes, read up on this first-hand experience using them. 

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