Why American Health Care is So Expensive

Obesity is America’s number one health problem. It generally contributes to diabetes, Type 2, heart disease, kidney disease, and sometimes cancer.

According to a recent report quoted by the New York Times, obese taxpayers spend about 42 percent more per year on health care compared to normal-weight Americans.

“Obesity, and together with this diabetes, would be the sole major health problems which are getting worse in this state, and they are getting worse quickly,” Dr. Thomas R. Frieden, manager of the Center for Disease Control, ” said

If obesity is driving up health care costs, what do people do about it? Request physicians to bill less? Make the drug companies deliver free diabetes medications and diet pills to fat men and women? Request the insurance companies to offer their services for free?

Perhaps we can nationalize the entire health care program and force American citizen’s entire share the cost both of caring for all these unfortunate Americans who are the victims of…what? The restaurant market! That is it! Quick meals and Doritos did it to them! Lays potato chips: “Bet you can not have only one!” They dared these bad spirits to become hooked to their own deadly products–and it worked!

I am sorry. I am being ridiculous to make a point. My point is, our health care system is buckling under the burden of the costly round-about processes we drugs and do we supply to counteract the negative effects of what folks do to themselves.

Digging Our Graves Using A Fork & Knife

The majority of us do not eat real foods prepared in the home out of fruit, vegetables, whole grains and legumes. Most of what we eat needs to center around either an animal fat and meat and plenty of highly processed carbohydrates. Not many vitamins and minerals are abandoned in our meals–and virtually no fiber. And we wonder why we get fat, have diabetes, heart attacks, and also need expensive medical care.

My health care costs me nothing but the time necessary to perform some daily exercises and eat right. Chalk it up partly to vanity–I never needed to allow myself get obese or suffer the ailments that plagued my family tree.

A huge part of my health care is to consume what mathematics and my conscience tells me that I need to, as opposed to things that only taste good.

However, it’s all worthwhile to me. I am not pleading with the government to get me health care. Nobody needed to inform me that eating a lot of the wrong foods would make me ill: I figured it out in my own after reading a couple of good books and research reports. It was not difficult–and it was an advantage for me to stay nicely.


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