This weekend went pretty well until the northern half of the state caught on fire Sunday night. Please send donations and anything you can to these poor people. Thousands and thousands of people went home to nothing but ash yesterday. It’s an apocalyptic horror and so many people I know have family and friends who have lost everything. The last couple of months have been brutal for the country in terms of natural disasters, and fire season is just hittting it’s peak. 

I know that’s a downer start, but it’s pretty much all anyone here can talk about or think about right now. The enormity of rapid devastation caused these fires are unbelievable. 

Before the fires began, I got to spend the weekend with my parents which was wonderful. When my car got hit, I started talking to my parents about buying my mom’s Jeep Cherokee. It’s only two years old, and she’s never really liked it anyway. It’s white (she wants her vehicle to always be RED) and the clearance is too low for her taste (she’s a country gal who likes to ride high). I definitely didn’t want to buy a new car, but I’ve never bought a used car, so that made me nervous. With my mom’s Jeep I knew it was well taken care of. When my Jeep (RIP) was officially totaled a few weeks ago,  I started making plans with them to get the Jeep out here. I figured that I would fly into Austin, pick up the Jeep, then drive it back to California. Easy peasy. Image result for nope gifEven though I am a grown ass woman, my dad was NOT HAVING IT. He decided that he wasn’t going to let me drive that far alone because any number of terrible things could happen (I wonder where I inherited all of that anxiety and natural inclination for pessimism from?). He decided that he would drive it out himself and I could pay to fly him back. I didn’t want him driving alone either, so I put the kibosh on that plan. As a compromise we agreed that I would fly in to Austin, then we would drive the Jeep to California, and I would then arrange for him to fly home. It all seemed pretty simple until my mom got wind of the plan.Image result for nice try gifUnder no circumstances was my father allowed to travel to California without her in tow. Come hell or high water, she was coming. So, in the end and for the sake of staying in my mother’s somewhat okayish graces, we agreed that they would drive the Jeep out together and I would pay to fly them home. They left on Thursday and arrived on Saturday morning which gave us almost two full days together before they flew out early yesterday morning. It was such a nice bonus visit and I am endlessly grateful that they not only allowed me to procure their vehicle, but that they also drove it all the way here. They really are the best. We enjoyed many a sandwich and lots of TV. My mom showed up with this stuff and I advise you that UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you buy it.

Image result for boom chicka pop white cheddar

It is absolutely addicting and I couldn’t enough of it which is great because I definitely needed another food item that I could struggle to control myself around. It’s got that “whole grain energy” though, so I should be unstoppable this week since I ate a whole bag of it.

Image result for spastic gif

As I’ve mentioned before, my parents have dial-up internet (so no streaming anything) and they don’t have cable at home. They typically have to wait until Netflix gets the Game of Thrones DVDs before they can watch a new season, but since they were in town, we watched the seventh season together. I missed SO MUCH the first time. Good grief. There was so much writing on the wall (RIP wall). My dad has also taken to calling Jon Snow “Ice Cube,” so that feels particularly fitting.

Image result for jon snow gif season 7

I made it to Orange Theory yesterday morning after I dropped my parents off at the airport and I am going again this morning. I didn’t go at all last week because I just felt deeply sad and hopeless over Vegas. I was useless. Trying to get back on track this week because sulking at home won’t help anything. 

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