I have nothing exciting to really report because I spent most of the weekend either at work or asleep because I like to live on the edge. Sari and I did meet our friends Heather and Eric for pizza on Friday night, so that was the high point.

Last week, I ordered a weighted blanket which arrived on Saturday. I have been wanting one for a while, but kept delaying for unknown reasons. I finally got a 15 pound one and I LOVE IT. I am always hot and easily overheated, but I have not felt hot or trapped yet. The one I ordered is huge (that’s what I get for buying things after wine), but it fits on my bed perfectly. I enjoyed napping under it and have slept the past few nights with it. I am a hot sleeper and keep the room around 60 degrees in winter, and I have not woken up hot. I also wake up a lot at night in general and I have slept without being aware of waking for the past few nights.

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I tend to get up a million times while I am watching TV to take care of numerous unimportant things (ADHD is FUN), but I stayed still without moving for almost two hours when I was under the blanked! It’s a hyperactivity miracle! This is the one I got (it’s expensive, but no price is too high for good sleep!), and it’s super soft. I would not recommend this size if you are looking for a nap blanket.

The best part is that it’s like a hug without touching someone!

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Oh and I finally finished Russian Doll on Netflix. I really really liked it.

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