This weekend was bananas. As you can probably imagine, working at a university with tens of thousands of people under the age of 22 is basically a steady shit show. Young people really make such unbelievable choices. On Friday night, I was at a birthday party for Lisa’s son when I started getting inundated with calls and texts regarding a a video of alleged hazing that was shared by our student newspaper. As you can again imagine, ANY allegation of hazing is a huge deal that requires immediate investigation. So between getting the investigation going and the media inquiries, that is pretty much what I did all weekend.

I really wish young people who STOP WITH THE HAZING. It also becomes the only thing that people outside of higher education see about the Greek community. We have so many Greek organizations that are doing incredible work in our community, and I HATE that most people only hear about them when a small number of members make incredibly poor decisions. Anyway, it was a disappointing and frustrating weekend.

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