Ugh. America.

I feel like this weekend was a dumpster fire of awfulness. Sarah Sanders and the Dotard were upset that she was asked to leave a restaurant. So pharmacists do not have to dispense medication to their customers and bakers do not have to make cakes if it is against their moral beliefs, but a restaurant cannot ask someone to leave? Last I checked, being a liar is not a protected class. Ultimately, I do not think this choice accomplished anything other than giving Trump and his supporters more ammunition against the “extreme left.” Sarah Huckabee Sanders is a sucky person with a sucky dad and a sucky brother. Hey, Sarah, as your supporters so eloquently put it:

This is what y’all wanted right?

And then there was Permit Patty. Hey girl. If you don’t want people to be mean to you about pretending to call the cops on a little girl, then STFU and MIND YOU OWN BUSINESS. Is it annoying when people are outside making noise when you are trying to work? Sure. It happens all day outside my office window and it is frustrating. Buy some headphones and deal with it.

I do not normally take the Daily Mail as serious news, but “White woman cries” is the perfect representation of the Trump era. Do you mean to say there are consequences for shitty behavior?

A Texas Tech frat leader had to step down after writing he below messages as “The cocaine cowboy:”

But he’s totes sorry, y’all! Sorry that he got caught.

Then there is this:

Denying due process to persons within the United States, regardless of citizenship, is unconstitutional. The protection of immigrants under the 14th Amendment was upheld by SCOTUS rulings like Zadvydas v. Davis. If the United States government can detain people and ship them out of the country without due process, then everyone is in danger. And, sure, I can prove my citizenship with multiple forms of identification, but who am I going to show that too if I am denied due process?

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We are not experiencing an immigration crisis. We simply are not. Is it a problem that people are entering the country without documentation? Yes. Is it a crisis? No. Also, seeking Asylum is NOT ILLEGAL. Anyone physically present in the United States can apply. There is no requirement that you enter through a port of entry. We interfered with their countries and we cannot be mad that they are desperately fleeing violence, corruption, and poverty by coming here. We are such crappy crappy people. *screams into the abyss*

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