‘Tis the Season

For stress! I love the holiday season, but it can be so mentally exhausting. And how lucky am I that I get to do so many lovely that things that exhaust me? I’m still going to complain though. Just try and stop me!

I’ve been cranking through the party rotation on campus and trying my best to not eat all the cheese because that is somewhat tacky and also I don’t need my reputation as an “eater of all things” to be further expanded. The high note of my weekend was starting Michelle Obama’s memoir, Becoming. That woman has such a beautiful way with words. I can feel my heart lighten as I read. We did not deserve her.

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My only regret is that I purchased it for my Kindle, so I do not get to see this gorgeous photo every time I pick it up.

In other news from the best FLOTUS, I was THRILLED by her comments about “leaning in” over the weekend. The idea that you can just “try harder” as the ultimate solution to all of your career problems is no different than the false narrative of the “American dream” as if we can all secure a prosperous life by sheer effort alone. Sure, there are people who do accomplish that, but the number of things that have to go exactly right for “more effort” to work is astronomical. I can easily name 20 things off the top of my head that would have derailed my life in a heartbeat if they had just gone slightly different. And, for a lot of people in this country, no amount of try is going to work because we have established our society in a way that keeps them down. So, as usual, yay, Michelle!

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Keeping it political, I also finished The Clinton Affair. It is an A&E documentary series, but I bought it through Amazon, and it was worth every penny. Bill Clinton is trash, and the series only reaffirmed it. And some of the things Hillary did in reaction to his affair were trash too. I pass less judgement on her because I do not think you should be held responsible for your husbands philandering, and I also have no idea what it is like to be married and want to defend your partner. I do not like the idea of infidelity, but I also respect that people are adults and will make their own poor choices.

I spent a long time hating both Clintons because of Bill’s affairs, and I thought the worst of Monica Lewinsky. I get why people hate the Clintons, but I also think you cannot stand on some moral high ground against Hillary, then go and vote for Trump. Please.  I now feel incredibly bad about that I felt so harshly against Monica because Clinton is the bad guy here. He did the wrong thing. Yes, Monica flirted with him and pursued his romantic interest, but he was the grown ass man who was President of the United States. He was the one who should have exercised self-control and not engaged with an intern in her early 20s. She was just SO YOUNG. And she’s had to wear this her entire life while he has been JUST FINE. 

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I honestly do not know how Monica or Paula Jones survived what they went through. I just cannot even imagine. Monica gave a great speech on “The Price of Shame” in a TED Talk. I also highly recommend the second season of the Slow Burn podcast as they get into all the scandals plaguing Bill’s presidency (the first season based on Nixon is also great).

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I am glad we are finally facing a reckoning for Bill Clinton’s terrible and inappropriate behavior. I completely believe what his accusers have stated, and I feel ashamed that I spent so much time thinking Monica was garbage. Also, Linda Tripp SUCKS. There was a serious problem with this affair, and if Linda had actually properly reported it then I could understand. Instead she called a literary agent and illegally taped her friend, then has tried to claim how hard it was for her to be the whistleblower. Girl, please.

Finally, Priyanka’s wedding!!! I LOVED watching the videos from the Sangeet. It looks like everyone had a blast!

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