Our last stop of the day on Saturday was at Robert Mondavi. It was super crowded and getting pretty hot so I did not get many pictures (I was too focused on not having a total meltdown), but it was a pretty place.

We went back to the resort after so that Margaret could nap. We watched Crazy Rich Asians while a couple of us also snagged a nap. We went to dinner at the resort, then called it an early night. Turns out, having a baby around really keeps you responsible!

On Sunday, I had a reservation at Vincent Arroyo winery. I really enjoy how low-key it is there, and the tasting was free! They had a gorgeous and friendly black lab that Margaret enjoyed chasing while we did our tasting. It was a very relaxing start to the day.

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Our second stop of the day was at The Prisoner Wine Company Tasting Room. It was a super neat place with a great outdoor area for hanging out.

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After The Prisoner, we went to Gott’s Roadside for lunch. My burger was THE BEST. I am honestly still thinking about it. It has been a while since I have had a great burger out here, and this one hit the spot. It was a great place to take Margaret because she could run around and there were a lot of other children there.

Our last stop in Napa was at Provenance Vineyards. It was a pretty location with a ton of outdoor seating, but no one was there which was odd. I also do not have pictures apparently, so imagine this but with nice scenery:

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Our faithful designated driver, Sari, drove us all back to Sacramento mid-afternoon. We watched Game of Thrones, ordered Thai food, and just generally laid around be lazy as hell. It was wonderful. Margaret became best friends with the “TIDDIES” and spent most of her time visiting/terrorizing them. It made my heart so happy to see Alan get some of what he deserves for being such a stinker. Sweet Freida wasn’t often quick enough to escape the attention, but I appreciated her letting Margaret give her some “love.”

It was such a great weekend, and I just love hanging out with them. We had so much fun and I was so sad to see them leave on Monday.

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