The Verdict is In

My parents came to town last week which was a nice bright spot in my jury duty service.

Thankfully, we reached a verdict yesterday and the the judge was able to deliver it in the afternoon which meant we were free after. I’ll go into it more tomorrow, but I was pleased with fellow jurors. I was a bit worried last Thursday because there were a lot of emotions and wild accusations being thrown around, but we started yesterday with logic and a plan. We created several charts of questions and concerns.  We documented which evidence supported which concerns, and detailed other possible explanations (there were none). By the end everyone that was uncertain had seen the evidence that they needed to feel comfortable, and we were able to agree that the defendant was guilty of nine different charges. I was surprised by how sick I felt in court while they were being read (it still impacts a person’s life even if they chose to make really bad choices), but I feel confident that our decision was supported by the over 200 pieces of evidence and testimony that was presented. Anyway, more tomorrow because I have THOUGHTS.

I am so happy to be back at work and on my regular schedule.

So, back to my weekend with the parents. Rain and snow pretty much covered the entire state, so we cancelled our plans to go to Yosemite (*tears*) and hung out around Sacramento. Thanks to the rain, we finished the final season of Longmire. I was not thrilled with the season as a whole, but I was satisfied with then ending.

*SPOILER ALERT* – I think Cady would make a TERRIBLE sheriff. For someone who is clearly intelligent, she thinks with her feelings WAY too much. I do love her and Zach together because he is cuuuuuuuute and practical.

On Saturday we went to the REI garage sale. I had never been before because that kind of situation is not for me, but I wanted to go along with the family. Sari said that normally it is outside and items are nicely spread out on tables, but since it was raining, all of the items were in buckets spread throughout the interior of the store. It was a madhouse and I got so overwhelmed that I had to stand outside. I also can’t believe how many brand new unused items there were. Sari got a giant duffel for almost nothing because it had been returned after the people who originally purchased it found that it was “too heavy after they filled it.”

I have the same bag, but I don’t fill it with my heaviest camping equipment. It fits almost everything I need, but I also don’t ever plan to lug it a long distance. Unless they were hauling feathers, 96 liters of junk is always going to be heavy. Anyway, yay for Sari because they quit making those bags (WHY??).

After REI, we went over to Costco. I’ve never been to a Costco, but there were also way too many people there as well. I did find my heartburn medication and a giant box of Alka Seltzer for the half the price I normally pay for it, so that was worth being among the people.

Other than those errands, we just hung out watching Longmire and the second season of Bloodline. Just when I think the mom couldn’t be any more useless than she was in the first season, she goes and surprises me with her complete inability to handle even the smallest of tasks.

My parents flew home late on Sunday which was a bummer, but we will see them again in a couple of months!

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