The Panic

Next weekend Sari and I are moving to a house, so we spent this weekend packing. I was UNHINGED on Friday night and Saturday morning with stress about getting it all done. I typically prefer to pack over several weekends so that I can leisurely go through things and  it does not so overwhelming. I am also never move again in the spring because work is too busy and I cannot handle ANYTHING ELSE.

On Saturday afternoon, our friends invited us to go out that night. My immediate response was “NO I CANNOT HANDLE ANYTHING I AM TOTALLY OVERWHELMED.”

A couple of hours later I had the kitchen pretty much packed up and I calmed the hell down and realized that seeing friends was exactly what I needed to do get out of my head. We met Tracy, Heather, and Matt at The Jungle Bird which is a kitschy tiki bar in Midtown. I had an appropriately tropical and fruity drink.

After, we went to Der Biergarten for some German drinks where we had Schöfferhofer Grapefruit beer which was AMAZING. Amazing and dangerous because it was so refreshing that I could drink wayyyyyyyy too much of it wayyyyyyy too easily.

We had a lot of fun, and while I did not feel great on Sunday morning, I am still glad we went. We packed until Sunday until early-afternoon when my lower back went kaput. Thankfully, I was about 90% of the way through my packing checklist. I spent the rest of the day on the floor watching Shrill. It’s not a perfect show, but I loved it. I was so pleased that she had such a great wardrobe.

Image result for shrill sequin dress

Annie’s clothes were fun, flirty, and stylish. While I think Amy Shumer is totally average-sized person, she is larger than the women we typically get to see on screen, and I HATED our outfits in Trainwreck. Everything seemed to be the wrong size and something that was more appropriate for a college student. I get that part of the look was that she was a mess, but poorly fitting clothes upset me a lot. I cannot look away! I loved that Annie is a plus-sized gal with a fabulous wardrobe. Show off those legs! I also want a lot more Fran in season two. She’s fantastic! I want to follow her around to watch her picking up the ladies.

And, ugh, LESS RYAN. I swear I have gone on 50 different dates with Ryans. GROW UP AND TAKE A SHOWER.

The biggest news of the weekend was that my fresh from the factory Reese’s Cups arrived!!!

Nicole recommended them in a comment, and I ordered them in early February. I did not realize they were a one a year thing, and I had totally forgotten about it. When they arrived on Friday I was THRILLED. They are PERFECT. Something that truly upsets me is when I get a Reese’s cup that has dry peanut butter or that weird sheen of fat on top from when they were stored in too warm a place. These are BUTTERY SOFT and the peanut butter is perfect. I do not know how I will go back to regular Reese’s now. I wish I had ordered 15 more boxes because 56 cups is simply not enough!!

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