The Eastern Sierra

We started our big adventure on May 24 when Sari and I packed up and left work around noon to head to Vegas. Since it was my birthday and I am THE QUEEN, I wanted to go the scenic route that would take us down the Highway 395 along the eastern edge of the Sierras. It was GORGEOUS. Lordy, it’s been too long since I have been to the mountains!

We stopped at June Lake to use the bathroom and even though it was a bit of a gloomy day, the lake was still beautiful. I am hoping to go camping in the area this fall.

IMG 3035

We stopped so many times for me to take pictures that we added at least two hours to our already long drive (about nine hours), but it was worth it. It is such a stunning area. I need to venture that way more often.

IMG 3066IMG 3087IMG E3083
In Big Pine, we went east on 168 through the high desert of the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest. It was quite the contrast to the Sierras, but still so very pretty.

IMG 3134

IMG E3101
IMG E3130

IMG 3128

Thanks to all my sightseeing, we made it to Vegas just before midnight and we promptly crashed in bed so we would be fresh and ready for gambling come Saturday. This is our thirties! We spent Saturday and Sunday gambling around in Vegas, and we had a great time!

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