The Drastic and Inspiring Transformation of Mama June

The Drastic and Inspiring Transformation of Mama June 

Mama June Shannon initially became famous for being the mother of Alana Honey Boo Boo Thompson, in addition to finishing plates of spaghetti noodles that were topped with loads of butter and ketchup. Finally, Mama June decided that it was the time for a transformation since she wanted to drastically lose weight in order to make herself healthy and fit.  


The wedding of her ex-husband, Michael “Sugar Bear” Thompson, was closing in, and she went through a number of surgeries while documenting the entire process in a popular We TV series called Mama June: From Not to Hot. The very first episode shows Mama June being taken in for surgery. She knew that she would come out looking different, but she was scared about it. 


The story of Mama June’s transformation has undoubtedly inspired people from every part of the globe. Mama June went through one of the most complicated skin transformation surgeries that lasted for five hours. She did this in order to complete the transformation of her physique.  


Mama June was close to the end of her weight loss journey, and finally her surgeries were going to come to an end too. She admits the surgeries made her feel like Frankenstein due to the marks all over her body. Finally, she has revealed details about her transformation. 


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The 37-year-old mother had tried to reduce herself to a size four after she received a gastric band operation. She managed to shed around 136 kgs in her bid to get the weight and physique she had dreamt of. Her two children, Honey Boo Boo and Pumpkin, were in Georgia at the time, and they were desperate to hear updates on their mom during the hours the surgery went on.  


There was excess skin on her body due to the weight loss process that she had gone through. The surgeon admired and praised her, stating that a person can plan anything that they want to, but they can’t ever truly know what the outcome will be until they have reached that point. He further warned that Mama June’s surgery would take more time than usual because of the excess skin, and that the surgery could also lead to complications.  


When Mama June woke up from the strong anesthetic, she looked worse than usual. Before the surgery, she stated that she was very worried about the changes on her body and how she would look after parting with her “batwing arms” and “turkey neck.” She also revealed that she would definitely miss her neck as she believes she would not have gained so much popularity without it. Currently, Mama June and her entire family, including all her fans, will see her transformation soon and decide for themselves whether her effort to drop the extra pounds has been successful or not.  


At first, she had to go under the knife in order to reduce the excess skin that was present on her stomach. However, it was extremely painful and she could not continue this treatment for long. She became even more upset when her doctors finally removed the bandages, and she looked down at her new body. She stated that she thought her surgery would look better, but unfortunately, it had worsened her condition. She thought she had started to look like Frankenstein, and she hated the fact that she went through the surgery. 


Mama June is popular from her time on the hit reality show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, and she has lost an enormous amount of weight since then. The entire journey of Mama June’s transformation and the ordeal she had to go through to lose weight is titled Mama June: From Not to Hot. This show depicts her entire transformation, as well as the reactions of her family and friends when she embarks on her new lifestyle. 


Currently, Mama June serves as an inspiration for all the women who have been body shamed and abused because of their shape and weight. Many people have watched the documentation of Mama June’s transformation, and have agreed that in order to go through something like that all one needs is pure nerve and courage. Mama June had all that. With her kids back home in Georgia, and her ex-husband getting remarried, it must have been a very hard time for Mama June. However, she was determined that she would go through the surgery, and instead of looking like Frankenstein she would look gorgeous and pretty. Her family and friends were awed by the change in her appearance after the surgery was completed. 

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