The Big Sleep

My weekend felt super busy even though I am pretty sure that I was asleep for at least half of it. Oh well! I cannot understand how people travel and are busy for multiple weekends in a row. I still feel like I am recovering from being in Texas. On Friday night, I started re-watching Outlander and took a nap, so that was glorious. On Saturday, I woke up early and went to a Walk 4 Literacy that my university was participating in to raise money for literacy programs in the community. The weather was nice and cool, and the four mile walk went by quickly because I was chatting away with my work friends.

Saturday was also homecoming, so we had events all day. I went from one to another before the football game that night. We got straight up mauled, so that was a bummer. I went out with some faculty friends after to have drown our disappointment in margaritas.

Image result for margaritas gifWhen we left it was almost midnight! I could not believe it. Oh how time flies when you’re talking about your pets. I woke up Sunday morning around 7 am with what felt like the start of a migraine (DAMN YOU, MARGARITAS), so I took my medication and got back in bed. *Fast forward six hours to me waking up at 1 pm*

Image result for what year is it gif

My migraine was gone, but GOOD GRIEF I cannot believe I slept so long. I got up just in time to clean the house, then meet a friend to watch The Hate U Give.

I loved the book, and the movie met all of my expectations. It was so well cast, and was truly an emotional roller coaster. There were some changes from the book near the end that somehow made it feel even more devastating, but the entire movie was outstanding. I really cannot recommend it enough. I wish all young people had to read this book because I think it would truly help people to understand that not everyone has the same experiences with law enforcement.

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