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First off, thank you so much for all of the mopping device suggestions you gave me on Friday! I really appreciate it. It’s going to be great!

In other news, this will be my only post for the week as Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are our commencement ceremonies. There will be eight ceremonies with almost 10,000 graduates and an estimated 70,000 guests are expected to be in attendance. I could puke just thinking about it! It’s going to be a wild week!

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I tried to relax this weekend as I will not have another free one until late June (for good and fun reasons, but I am already tired thinking about it). This weekend we finished Dead to Me (WHERE IS SEASON 2!!!!!!!!) and I started Imposters on Netflix.

I was not really into the first episode, but it has been such an unexpected delight. The actual plot is interesting, but the shenanigans that abound when her exes join forces to find her is hysterical. I am almost finished with the first season and I am so bummed there won’t be a season three!

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I am so frustrated by this season. I am not surprised that Daenerys lost her shit. We have KNOWN since the very beginning that she was prone to being a vengeful mother f-er, but it happened too quickly! We need more time for isolation and paranoia. As someone on Twitter said, “Foreshadowing is not character development.”

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She’s lost everyone, her closest advisers are betraying her, and Jon Snow is nope-ing out of the aunt romance. NONE OF THAT IS ENOUGH FOR MASS MURDER! I understand how we are supposed to have arrived at this point, but we had no time to watch it fester and grow. Same with the news about Jon. She’s totally going to murder the hell out of Tyrion right? His only hope is that Jon takes her down before she deep fries Tyrion like a corndog. I wish she had melted the Red Keep and been done with it all.

I was initially REALLY pissed that Cersei died such an unremarkable death. I had hoped Jamie would not run back to her because he would finally see that she never truly loved him. Selfish people are selfish, and these two have not changed their stripes. I now think that dying as they did is better. No one knows and no one cares. No songs will be sung for them. Their bodies likely will never be found. They were quietly erased from the world without notice which now seems like the great insult of all. Really, all the Lannisters have had really disappointing and somewhat boring deaths. They didn’t go out with a bang like the Starks or House Mormont.

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Also, I guess that’s another prophecy up in smoke now.

I think we could have spent an entire season building up to this battle and creating tension. If one dragon could pretty much end this thing, then why didn’t she do that months ago before marching north? It was so quick and easy!! I also understand that this show is a massive undertaking and that people want to do other projects, but I hate that HBO basically offered them everything and we are getting so short-changed with the writing and character development. I guess Jon is going to kill Dany now and mope off back North. I did not like the plot of this episode, but it was GORGEOUS. I really enjoyed the daylight.

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I feel nothing about the Cleganebowl because there was nothing to be lost. They were going to die anyway. Cersei just slinked off. There was nothing at stake. UGH. Also, VARYS. I shall miss you so very much. I very much relate to his creeping around collecting secrets, but I am honestly kind of shocked he got caught. Until last night, I had NO CLUE that Varys tried to poison Dany and that’s why she wasn’t eating. So that makes the burning make more sense. I thought he was just getting torched over the notes. I am going to miss that judgy bitch.

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