Sweat Together

I had one of the very best weekends of my life these past few days. Sari and I flew home late Thursday night and got four full days of friends, babies, and family. We started in San Antonio and stayed with Laura and Scott. On Friday, we drove up to Fredericksburg to meet our friend Jessica and have a ladies’ wine day. I cannot believe how many new wineries and tasting rooms are under construction on 290! I am excited to come back in a couple of years and try the new places. The most exciting part of the weekend was that we finally got to meet Laura’s baby girl. She was a real trooper all day and let us haul her around all over the place even though it was hot and sticky. Not that babies can actually be good or bad, but she was THE BEST.

We had lunch at Auslander in town, then had a tasting at Becker Vineyards.

IMG 0043

IMG 0052

Becker is one of the prettiest vineyards in my opinion, and I love their lavender goods. We spent a couple of hours outside sweating in the shade and enjoying the wine. People constantly ask when I’m coming back to Texas, and I will come back when the humidity has left. I forgot how completely and totally miserable just the low 90s can feel. ICK.

After Becker, we cruised on down (safely thanks to Sari our forever DD) to Ron Yates Winery where Laura and Scott are members. I really liked their wines and we had a lot of fun hanging out on their giant patio.

IMG 0078

After Yates, we headed back to San Antonio and had dinner at the Pearl Brewery. On Saturday, we woke up early and drove to Wimberley for the day. Our sweet friend Jenifer is having a baby girl in July, and we forced her to let us throw her a shower at the Leaning Pear. She looked so beautiful and happy. After a terrible few years for her family with the loss of Caroline and her dad, it is so wonderful that something so happy is finally happening for them.

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After the shower, we spent some time together shopping in Wimberley and hanging out with Jenifer at her house. I am so thankful that we got to spend so much time with our friends over the weekend and that we were able to celebrate this happy time together.

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On Sunday, we helped throw a graduation party for the grandson of my parent’s friends. It blows my mind because I used to keep him after school when I was in high school and he was just a wee little baby. And now he is graduating high school which means that I am a lot further from my time in high school than I am willing to accept. THE HORROR. I cannot wrap my mind around it. I mean, I was JUST in high school and he was JUST a baby. And now he is off the college. HOW. We spent Monday hanging out with our parents and visiting with our grandmothers. Mamaw came by with her newest backseat “passenger” all decked out for Memorial Day, so that was something.

IMG 0123

And then we flew back to Sacramento late on Monday night. And while I miss my friends and family terribly, I do not miss summer in Texas AT ALL.

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