Sunny San Diego

A couple of months ago Southwest was having a flight sale that had super cheap tickets to San Diego, so Sari and I decided to take advantage and go south for the long weekend. We left late Friday night, and arrived at our AirBnB just around midnight. I was quite nervous because I had never rented a room in a house (as opposed to an entire place), but it ended up being perfect and far more affordable than a hotel.

Our first stop on Saturday morning was at Devil’s Dozen donuts. My favorite was a chocolate and peanut butter donut which I was not sure about (the peanut butter on a donut part), but DAMN it was wonderful. I should have know that combo never lets me down!

IMG 1260

We drove north for the day and stopped at Windansea Beach in La Jolla. We foolishly did not bring swimsuits, so we waded in our pants (dumb). We eventually got splashed up to our waists, but whatever.

IMG 1271

By mid-afternoon we arrived in Encinitas for a late lunch at the Modern Times Far West Lounge. They have a fully vegan menu which I do not think I would have ever noticed if I had not been told in advance. Everything we ordered was AMAZING.

IMG 1307IMG 1306

After hanging there for a couple of hours, we worked our way back south and stopped at Torrey Pines to enjoy the views. I just cannot get over how gorgeous the beaches are in California.

IMG 1314IMG 1320

We had some time to kill before dinner, so we drove out to Coronado Island to check it out. Gorgeous as ever!

IMG 1331IMG 1348IMG 1347

Our last stop of the night was at Juniper & Ivy which one of Sari’s friends had recommended for dinner. I got a raviolo which I am pretty sure I had never thought of ravioli as singular. Why is that even a thing? I could not understand what the server was telling me. In what world is ONE enough?? It was large, but I definitely could have done with three of them AT LEAST.

IMG 1359

To make up for my singular raviolo, I got this gorgeous dessert because VACATION. It was a wonderful meal and we went to bed quite pleased with ourselves. IMG 1360

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