I do not even know where to begin because what a wild weekend we had! I never would have imagined myself at a music festival, much less one in the desert in California. Lisa (my co-worker and friend) convinced me to go last summer, and I was so worried that it was going to feel like a the swamp of hot death like at X Games, that I dreaded it for weeks. Thankfully, it was hot, but not miserable, and we had a great time! We flew out of Sacramento early on Friday morning, checked into our room at the Marriott Desert Springs Villas in Palm Desert, then hopped on the shuttle to Stagecoach.

The shuttle picked us up at our resort and dropped us off at the venue. I’m so glad we got that option instead of trying to drive each day because it was super easy. We got to the festival just after 3 pm, and it was already 98 degrees!

There weren’t many people there yet, so we easily found a spot in the back (close to bathrooms and food, of course) to set up our chairs. We ordered these from Amazon and they were super light, fit in our small backpacks, and were easy to set up. We settled in with margaritas and sunscreen, and enjoyed the music.
We listened to Lindsay Ell, Chis Lane, Chris Janson, Kelsea Ballerini, Jake Owen, and Florida Georgia Line. I do not typically care for Florida Georgia Line’s music, but they were really fun live. We got back to our hotel around 1 am, then crashed until late the next morning because VACATION. Neither of us had been to that area of California, so on Saturday we decided to drive up to Palm Springs for brunch. It was all so cute that it seemed fake. It really felt like a movie set at times. We settled on Cheeky’s for brunch, and waited at the bar next door for our table.

When we got in to the restaurant to eat, I ordered Eggs Benedict and a bacon flight. The meal was great, but the bacon was extra fantastic. My life for that apple cinnamon one!!

After breakfast, we cruised back down to our hotel and got ready for the second day of the festival. We got there earlier and walked around exploring some more. There was so much to do! We probably saw less than 20% of the total venue. There was some multi-colored art tower thing that we decided to walk up (pictured on the bottom right).

It gave us a good view of the festival in different colors.

We settled into our seats just in time to see Walker Hayes. We were in the far back and it was crazy windy, but I was so impressed by the sound. I never felt like I was far away even though I could not even see the stage.

We watched Midland, Granger Smith, Brothers Osborne, Kacey Musgraves, and Keith Urban. They were all fun, but Midland and Brothers Osborne were outstanding. “Drinkin’ Problem” and “It Ain’t My Fault” are just made for an audience to shout along with. Toward the end of the night, Keith Urban played with Brothers Osborne for “Fast as You” which was super cool. I was loving it, then Dwight Yoakam came out and I LOST MY MIND. Lisa and I were not able to watch him at a different stage earlier in the day, so we were thrilled when to see him. You can watch the full performance here:

On Sunday, we drove back to Palm Springs and had lunch at Elmer’s Restaurant. It was quick and affordable, so we were happy. After breakfast, we went to Joshua Tree, but I will write about that on Thursday. We made it to the festival on Sunday by about 4 pm, and it was sooooo dusty. I had goggles and a bandana around my face and I still felt like I could not breathe. I do not know how people were even able to sing. They also said at one point there were over 75,000 people there which is crazy. We watched Aaron Watson, Kane Brown, Brett Young, Lee Brice, and GARTH BROOKS WITH TRISHA YEARWOOD.

Related image

Lisa and I were screaming so much we lost our voices. Garth does such a great job of making you feel like he is thrilled to be playing for you. I do not even care if it is BS because he makes each show feel special. He was amazing and Trisha Yearwood was phenomenal. I still cannot believe I got to see Garth Brooks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We forgot about all of the dirt and wind, and just screamed our heads off. After Garth wrapped up, we loaded up in the car and drove an hour and a half to a hotel by the Ontario (California, not Canada) Airport. We showered, got in bed by two, then woke up at 4:30 am to catch our flight back to Sacramento early yesterday morning. Monday was a struggle, but totally worth it. I still cannot believe we did it!

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